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    I am using Any DVD and Clone BD. Have used before with no problems. "Sicaro' from Lionsgate, 4 minute 47 seconds into play back, movie stops and this message appears. " Dear Customer, The disc you have inserted cannot be played, due to copy write restrictions. Please visit, a local retail or online store of choice, to purchase a genuine copy. If you try to play back an original disc on your computer and experience a copy detected message. Please insure that no ripping or copying tool is actively running while performing the playback."

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Not a CloneBD problem, CloneBD doesn't decrypt. Your issue has a couple topics now 1 floor up in the correct section (anydvd HD). The OPD will need an update, but you'll need to provide a logfile if you want your disc supported. Instructions on how to provide one are in that same section.

    That said, what you're saying is impossible. CloneBD doesn't work with DVD's and DVD's don't have screenpass protection. So on top you'll need to clarify if you're using a DVD or a blu-ray DISC. there's no such thing as a blu-ray DVD.

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    Thank you for the information. But I do not know how to do any of your suggestions? I don't even know how to provide a log file. I have seen it mentioned many times, but have never done it?
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    Here is the Log File. Thanks

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    AnyDVD handles this disc now, please try again (CloneBD will select the correct playlist automatically, but to be sure, you should open settings and press "clear cache" prior to opening the disc again).
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    Thank you.