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  1. wgilster

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    Just bought the lifetime membership for AnyDVDHD. Fantastic product guys! Just one question, I'd like to rip on insert. Is there any way I can do that? I can see there is a start external program on insert, but can I start the rip on insert? I suppose I could "AnyDVD.exe -r" but I don't think that would actually start the rip.
  2. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    You should look into a third party tool like mymovies.
  3. GuyG

    GuyG Well-Known Member

    I agree, it would be great to have this option. Having it auto eject a disc after ripping would be nice too. I've still got a big stack of DVDs I haven't moved onto my HTPC yet because the process is so laborious.

    That said I still haven't dealt with all of my music CDs either, and that is more-or-less automated. The problem there is having to swap discs every 3 or 4 minutes though. I have fewer DVDs/Blu-rays and disc swapping is far less frequent with them.
  4. wgilster

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    Looked at MyMovies briefly, not sure what the point is, or why I would need it... Seems like I just need the "start burn" option sent as a command line parameter to AnyDVD.exe.
  5. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    AnyDVD is an on the fly decrypter. You can use any other program to copy / play / convert on disc insertion.
  6. GuyG

    GuyG Well-Known Member

    As AnyDVD has the ability to rip built in (which works just fine) I'd much rather just let it do everything rather than buy something else to automate it. I don't really want/need one of those library management apps. I've tried quite a few in the past, and never liked any of them. (and some of them made a mess of my system's video playback by installing their own filters/settings etc.)

    My own system is basically ripping a protected ISO (I know it's not necessary, but I'd rather just have a 1:1 copy) to my storage drives, which are linked together using Windows 7's "libraries" feature. Then all I need to do is hit the windows key, type in the title, the ISO loads and the film starts playing automatically without any of that overhead.

    Would it be that difficult to have an option to have it automatically rip and eject a disc when inserted to certain drives? I know you can have it automatically open the ripping prompt, but it also does that when I load up an ISO with Virtual Clone Drive. My tower is 50ft away from the display in another room and those extra steps really slow things down when you have a few discs to get through.
  7. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    So you can use any imaging tool, like ImgBurn.

    No, but I believe this is out of AnyDVD's scope. Maybe I'll create a little program which can trigger any command on disc insertion.

    In the meantime you can use Windows Autoplay feature to accomplish this task.
  8. DrinkLyeAndDie

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  9. wgilster

    wgilster Member

    It's already done.

    Totally agree with GuyG here. I have a really simple setup here.

    1. Rip dvd onto hard drive with AnyDVD.
    2. Open Windows Media Center, close Windows Media Center.
    3. I'm able to use the dvd anywhere in the house with my plugin to PMS.

    I really don't need extra apps or anything here. In fact AnyDVD has this functionality ALREADY with it's "Start external program on media change".

    They also have the ability to rip to iso or HD using the -iso or -r command line options. All I'm asking for is the command line option to actually start the rip. That's it.
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  10. RBBrittain

    RBBrittain Well-Known Member

    The "start external program" option isn't designed to start rippers; it's intended to allow another utility (such as SlySoft's own SetFrequencyDisplay program, which is the default when you first check the box) to launch *BEFORE* AnyDVD makes the disc visible to Windows.

    The behavior you want is best done via Autoplay in Windows; it should be set to launch a ripper as soon as a disc is visible (i.e., released by AnyDVD). Beeping after a rip is done is the ripper's job. DLAD's script suggestions in the prior post may also help.

    The bottom line: Except for its limited-function ripper utility (created mainly to work around certain issues with third-party utilities, such as inability to understand DVD structural protection), AnyDVD is a decrypter--*NOT* a ripper. Adding those kind of functions would turn AnyDVD into bloatware, much like the competition. :p:rock:
  11. wgilster

    wgilster Member

    Totally agree with you here Brit. I absolutely can't stand complex bloated apps and love the simplicity that is AnyDVD, that's what drove me too it. I see what the "start external program" does now. Yeah not a good place to kick off the rip, I'll use autoplay. However, even autoplay isn't able to start the rip, without adding some silly Autoit hack. All I'm really asking for here is a -start as a command line parameter to perform what the the AnyDVD.exe executable is supposed to do. I'm sure you don't mean to say that would turn AnyDVD.exe (which already has two command line parameters dedicated to ripping) into bloatware right? As you know, the second most annoying thing to complex bloatware is a toolchain of 4 apps to perform 1 simple task. I know this sounds trivial, but I have a similar situation as GuyG, about 400 dvd's to burn and my server is downstairs and I can't tell you how many times I've already forgot to push the "Copy DVD" button! This is just a suggestion, and thanks for the support guys!
  12. GuyG

    GuyG Well-Known Member

    Perhaps you're misunderstanding. I don't want to turn AnyDVD into a "ripper" that will extract a specific title from the disc, transcode it to MKV, compress to MP4 for my iPad etc.

    AnyDVD's "limited function" ripper is what I am currently using, and all that I want or need. I just want an ISO of the disc, without even stripping away the copy protection, nothing more or less.

    I have no desire to install other ripping software (and from the sound of things, certain software can interfere with AnyDVD) I'd just like the option to have ripping start automatically once AnyDVD has scanned a disc (but only with physical drives, not virtual ones) and even better would be to have it eject the disc when it's done, so I can be in the room where my tower is with a stack of discs and just swap them out, rather than having to put a disc in, go through to the TV room, start the rip, go back through, wait 10-60 minutes, check and see if it's done, hang about until it's finished, go back through to the tower room to eject the disc, put the next one in and start again.

    If you're just sitting at a desk working on the PC with the tower right next to you, it's trivial to just sit there, keep an eye on the ripping progress and swap out discs as they're done, but when your HTPC tower is located several rooms away from the display and you have a large library of DVD and Blu-ray discs, it becomes a nuisance.

    I could be wrong, I'm not a software guy, but it seems like it wouldn't be that difficult to include automation options for AnyDVD? Surely the ability to rip the discs is the hardest part, and that's already done.
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  13. Clams

    Clams Well-Known Member

    But since AnyDVD is not going to walk several rooms away to change your disks for you. I would think that compared to the constant shuttle you are doing - that pushing a couple buttons is the least of your problems. :D

    Also - Beware when using AnyDVD to rip to ISO on newer SD-DVD disks with structural copy protection. They are working on an upgrade - but for now results are not assured.

  14. GuyG

    GuyG Well-Known Member

    Well no, I could just sit in the room with the tower and get other things done if it was automated, without having to keep going through to the display and starting the rip/checking up on things.

    Thanks for the heads-up, though anything new I buy is Blu-ray now.
  15. wgilster

    wgilster Member

    Here is a situation, of why it's not the least of his or my problems. I was downstairs thinking that my current rip must certainly be complete, so I decided to eject it and put in the new one. Then I went back upstairs only to find out later that the prior rip wasn't finished. AnyDVD got really upset about this (which I don't blame it for) and it wouldn't rip anything from that point onward. Now I've got to restart my server which has got 2 web servers, a media server, an email server, a wonderland server and another custom server on it. That's not cool.

    Now yeah, this whole situation isn't AnyDVD's fault, it's mine:
    1. I shouldn't be guessing as to when AnyDVD is done ripping.
    2. I shouldn't be ripping on a prod server.
    3. I should have a computer for every service I'm running. (including ripping)
    4. My ripping computer should be upstairs instead of downstairs.
    5. I shouldn't have my server have a password protected screen saver. (for more time savings)

    The thing is, I'm really not even that upset about the bug in AnyDVD where it gets into a bad state and won't rip anything further since it's preventable, but seems like we are missing the whole point here:
    1. We all agree the feature is easy to add, in fact, it's easier and far less expensive to fix than the five issues above.
    2. It's not bloating the app since it's just asking it to perform an automated action that it already performs.
    3. It's really just a helpful suggestion for the developers and I'm pretty cool with whatever they decide.
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  16. MrBiG

    MrBiG Member

    You can accomplish what you want by using ImgBurn in conjunction with AnyDVD. ImgBurn has a batch option in read mode.
  17. GuyG

    GuyG Well-Known Member

    Well the point is that AnyDVD already has the capability to do this, it just needs a way to automate the process.

    I don't want any kind of burning software on my machine, and the first step in troubleshooting problems with AnyDVD is to remove burning software.
  18. MrBiG

    MrBiG Member

    Well yeah it burns but it also reads to iso which is what you're after and an iso is an iso no matter how you get it. To each their own I guess but I can understand slysoft's reluctance here, while it has an read to iso option it's really not what their app is for.

    What do you need to troubleshoot? I've been using anydvd for quite awhile and I've never had to troubleshoot anything. It just works.
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  19. polo6979

    polo6979 New Member

    GuyG... I agree with you 100%. I have been trying to figure out a way to do this for a really long time now. I actually came to the forums today to see if they have come up with a way to automate ripping DVDs to a hard drive.

    I am in the process of building a HTPC for my inlaws and they are NOT computer savvy. This option would be ideal for their setup. They just put the DVD in, its rips the ISO to the drive and it spits it out. No clicking of any buttons or techincal knowledge needed. I dont want to have them calling me for support every time they want to put a DVD on their hard drive.

    This is the one feature request I have for AnyDVD.
  20. eldritch2010

    eldritch2010 New Member

    I use My movies disc copier

    The problem is that it doesn't work properly.

    Many dvd is ripper bloated (40 gb or more). I then have you manually rip them with anydvd's rip to harddrive. If I somehow could get at way to trigger this funtion I could drop my movies(cost 50$) works not so great and the functione is almost build into anydvd.

    best regards