RedFox CloneDVD mobile critical app error - Vector <T> too long

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    CloneDVD error.JPG RedFox CloneDVD mobile 5-year user, Sunday I moved to RedFox with existing license. Program worked fine for couple of days. Now each time I try to enter an ISO, I get this 'critical app error' and the Windows 10 'app error' only option is to close the program. This occurs with each ISO mounts tested...that had worked previously. Tried changing outputs, Apl H264, Generic DivX, Generic MP4/AVC...same critical app errors appear and close program.

    Trouble shooting done--Restarted PC, still not working, then
    reinstalled Program, restarted PC, still not working,
    I reinstalled License Key, restarted PC. (Program shows lifetime license info properly.)
    I also disabled drives in VirtualCloneDrive, restarted PC, then added back/enabled drives.

    Unsure if this is a Forum question or better suited to support. (Found one unanswered Forum post on older Vector problem.)
    Suggestions or redirect would be greatly appreciated.
    • Is this a Clone DVD mobile error?
    • Or, is it an improper read of a new AnyDVDHD license?
    • Or, improper read of ISO by AnyDVDHD program?

    Dell XPS 13, Windows 10 PC, Norton Security
    RedFox AnyDVD HD (NEW lifetime license)
    Elby CloneDVD2
    RedFox CloneDVD mobile
    CloneDVD error.JPG
  2. jstvallen

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    I downloaded the latest RedFox version of AnyDVD and CloneDVDmobile yesterday. Everything installed correctly and the License Keys said they installed OK. But once I select a VideoTS , I get a Cloned DVD mobile has stopped working error. Does anyone else see this problem and is there a fix? The original SlySoft version was working fine prior to installing the RedFox version
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  4. Ch3vr0n

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    Please refrain from using full caps messages. There's no need to yell. Yes there will be an update, but no news when. It can be weeks or even months away.
  5. mr-me

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    I also have the same problem with Windows 10 and I've had it from day one: App Stopped Working, problem occurred, Close Program.. end of story, end of line. And, the Tread "CloneDVD mobile "AppCrash" / "must close" / closing when selecting VIDEO_TS folder" is of no help what so ever. Very frustrating to say the least! I've been patiently waiting for an update but so far nothing. Could we please get come clue as to how much longer we need to wait?
  6. robert r

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    There is a pinned note top level of clonedvdmobile about workarounds for the *must close* issue. It's the last one, dated 2011!
    Tips #5 & #6 are the two that work for my Windows 10 system. Sometimes #5 right click, run as administrator is all that's needed. If still a problem, then the services tab of task manager is where I can stop the Tablet service.
    It is frustrating to do every time, especially since issue is so well known.
    Hope these tips work for you...
  7. Ch3vr0n

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    You'll have to wait as long as it takes for the new version. Redfox doesn't do estimated release dates. First the CloneBD engine needs to be perfected, as that's the engine that will be used for the new cdvdm version.
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    No need to sound defensive. [Maybe it's the translator, no offense is meant.]
    Since the pinned sticky note on this is from 2011, can you really not understand that the users who experience this issue ARE a bit frustrated that after 5 years, we have to use workarounds for each use of cloneDVD Mobile? And, especially since this predates RedFox...
  9. Ch3vr0n

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    I'm not defensive at all. Simply a fact. It'll take as long as it takes. It was stated a while after that topic that there would be no further updates and that the next major update would rely on the CloneBD engine. That would resolve many issues at the same time.

    I can understand the frustrations fine. Slysoft didn't do estimated dates, and neither does redfox. You have to see it from their view. If you set a date, and it passes without a release (due to some last minute but for example) people will complain lady ... has come and gone, where's product X version Y?'. If you DON'T set a date, you can't miss the deadline.
  10. Tourist

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    I was under the impression it's finally perfect enough: o_O
  11. nebostrangla

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    Not yet. Still a ways to go. But ALOT of progress has been made in the mobile files option which is what they will use in mobile. But I would think they are already working on the port to mobile. As I'm sure some of the code will have to be changed. And then there's the testing needed way before we the users ever see it.
    Idea for beta testing when the time comes.
    Redfox should have the users who have already purchased a RedFox license for CDVDM to be the first to get a chance beta test it . For two reasons one would be like a thank you for buying a license you didn't have to if you already had a Slysoft one. (Which I do but I want RedFox to succeed so I purchased ALL three of them. AnyDVDHD of course!. And CCD + CDVDM ).
    And the second and most important reason would be. That anyone who has already purchased a RedFox license to CloneDVDMobile . Most likely did so with this engine rebuild in mind and helping RedFox succeed into the future because this team is the best out there . And we also now have " skin in the game" and only want it to be greatest available .That also means we are probably going to be a little more critical about it. But I think that's what they would want as long as we're not rude about it. And give detailed information. Which is something lacking across this board.
    I know this is a good ways off but just wanted to put this out there. So you could consider it before anyone is even needed yet.
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  12. Tourist

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    How do you know all of that ? I thought when Pete says "it's ready"'s ready.

    After such a long time of workarounds the Beta should be already running.
    But CloneDVD mobile just seems to have virtually no priority as the money flow is too low.
  13. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    Its got nothing to do with money, its got to do with time, they are working on it, when its ready all of you will be the first to know. We are sorry for the delay, its not going to be released until its perfect. Thank you for your understanding.
  14. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Please don't make assumptions as it being a money problem. Unless you work for the redfox project (which I'm pretty sure you don't), you have no indications of proof that is the case. The engine simply isn't ready yet, and until it is no update will be released. That's it.
  15. antipodes

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    Hello there appears to be quite a lot of questions to be asked about CloneDVD Mobile's development. You refer to the Clone BD engine being not ready does this mean we are waiting for Elby to advise Redfox when the engine is ready or is the Redfox team already working on the engine's development. In my view the existing product is seriously flawed and through no fault of of Slysoft or RedFox. I am surprised that it is available
    for sale. I have not used my copy for several years because of the peculiar results obtained.
  16. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    That's what it mean yes, as the next version would be a major update of cdvdm which should normally make use of the CloneBD encoding engine which should solve many or all currently existing issues. That the current version is faulty in many cases nobody will deny.
  17. George++

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    In the stickies there are links to previous versions (1901 & 1802) that refer to SlySoft's sandbox for download. Maybe the links could be RedFoxed so people can still get the older versions that didn't have the audio sync problems? I personally have a number of older CDMobile versions I can "reinstall" if I want to rip mobile files.