Reading and copying VERY SLOW-All movies lately

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by pecan111, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. pecan111

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    Windows 7 pc.
    2 burner setup

    always worked easily previously. Suddenly all dvd's read and burn incredibly slowly. Can someone help? have looked but all previous info on web doesnt work.
  2. Ch3vr0n

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  3. Philbert

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    This is a hardware or some weird Gremlin in the machine problem...just to see can you use a powered hub and see if it's a power issue...reply in "conversation".
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    wrong. A previous anydvd version slowed down ripping due to changes in the anydvd driver. Please don't jump to conclusions if you don't have all the facts, and on top of that you want him to pick up an external drive? You going to pay for him too? Who sais he's not already using one? Right. Thats why we need more information and that anydvd logfile
  5. Philbert

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    He said he's using a 2 burner setup...maybe he has a powered hub available; I use two writers, and when I redid my OS the slowed down writers doubled their write/ read that's just a thing to checkout...what's with the drama?
    He can or not do what I suggested...what's this radical attitude from? It's personal, huh?
    You don't like me and this is your way of chastising something so unradical and not even any deal at all.
    Shame on you...grow up. no time did I ever mention picking up a writer, I said a powered USB hub like mine might show if it's another issue than the writers he ALREADY HAS 2 of...whether external or he has 2 laptops with writers (you are really reaching there) and you already said "That said, anydvd has no impact WHATSOEVER over how fast your rips are burned to a blank disc"; so, now it IS maybe an AnyDVD issue? The driver?: LOL! Pick one.
    Someone has issues here, nothing to do with helping someone fix a problem.
  6. Ch3vr0n

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    No drama, just dont jump to conclusions. I'm using a triple burner setup. Does that mean that i'm automatically using external drives? No, it simply means im having 3 burners no more, no less. All of them internal btw, and using them since early Win7 days speed never went up nor down. Who said anything about laptops, i sure didn't. Powered hub? well if it's not a external burner, you're pretty much asking him to pick up a usb hub (if he doesn't have one). There's absolutely no need for that.

    I did indeed say that, and it's still true. The anydvd driver has NO IMPACT AT ALL on BURNING data from HDD to blank disc. It MIGHT, i say again MIGHT have a small impact on RIPPING from a disc TO the harddrive. Even when doing an on-the-fly backup it still only MIGHT affect the drive that's doing the ripping, NOT the one doing the burning.

    Now, to rule out driver issues, why do you think that logfile is needed? As always, no logfile = we can't help.

    and no, it's nothing radical, nor personal, nor chastising or anything like it. You immediately jumped to "hardware problem" when it might not be anything like it. We need facts, not speculation that's all. I'll leave it at that until OP posts the mandatory logfile and a lot more info.

    @pecan111 We need a lot more info. Please read the sticky link i supplied in post 2. Provide the anydvd logfile as well as more info into WHAT your doing, how you're doing it, what are you using to do it, right now we have very little to nothing at all to go on.
  7. Clams

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    Also - a good experiment would be to use an unprotected disk and exit AnyDVD.
    I'll bet the rip speed is still slow - because of a machine issue.
    Again - a logfile so we can see the drivers and filters that are in play.