Read error Data error(cyclic redund. check)

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    I am running clone dvd ver. and anydvd. When I attempt a back-up, it processes the movie to temp file ok, will play back on computer. But when it starts to burn, I get this error at various points in the burn:
    read error: C:/clonedvdtemp/video_ts/vts_01_1.vob 23 w2. It also says data error (cyclic redundancy check). All the files seem to be on the dvd, but it won't play past menus.

    hplaptop dv1040us
    hl-dt-st dvd-rw gwa-4080n 0c09
    windows xp
    maxell plus
    various burn speeds

    no upper filters
    lower filters: elbydelay, anydvd, elbycdfl, pfc

    Any suggestions?

    Sean Ashby
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    If you're getting read errors from the temp files on your hard drive, that suggests a possible issue with your hard drive--or possibly your ata controllers. I'd imagine the resulting crc errors are based on the read data in the process of being burned not actually matching the temp data on the hard drive. Something is getting messed up along the way from your hard drive to your burner.

    Do step 3 from here please:

    Maxell Plus (provided it's really Maxell Plus--and not generic Maxell junk) is actually about as good as it gets for 8x dvd-rs (some of them are Taiyo Yudens--or are actually made by Maxell's plant in Japan) without getting into really expensive stuff (Maxell Broadcast Quality).
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