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  1. master--gsm

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    There is a question that you can program the process of copying DVD to DVD games ps3

    Added that this process, please send the details and I will certainly buy the program

    I'm sorry for the language is not good :agree:
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    First question? What's with the huge font? Is that really needed? Now on to the matter at hand.

    1st issue: Slysoft is not in the business of games duplication, the only thing similar to that is gamejackal and is for pc games only
    2nd issue: even if they did have software that could achieve what you want it to, it still wouldn't work. No console will play non-original games without the game or the console not being modified in some way. To play non-original games, the console needs to be either hard-modded via a modchip or softmodded via custom firmware. Either situation is not something slysoft can help you with.
  3. master--gsm

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    First, I'm sorry to write large

    My friend, I'm from an Arab country and I work in the field of selling ps3 games

    And more often than customers want to come ps3 games is original or copied any user does not want to play online

    I read about the company's programs and much impressed by the threat of my mind this question:

    I put an original disc and took a copy of it and sell it and thank you very much

    I want you to be considered you a friend I
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    That is called piracy and not condoned nor supported here. My assistance in this matter will end here.
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    who's winning ? ^^
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    New England, 17-12, with around 6:00 to go in the Third Quarter.

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    The New York Giants win the Super Bowl, 21-17!!!


    For the record, I don't follow either team, but I didn't want the New England Patriots to win another Championship.
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    PS3 backups are usually made to an external hard drive and played from there on a jailbroken console. (Although didn't the jailbreaking part change in recent years?)

    You can't just back up discs to blanks and play them on modded consoles like you could on PS1 and PS2.

    Anyway, Slysoft isn't part of the PS3 scene; you're on the wrong site. :)

    (I hate to admit it though... if it were somehow possible and Slysoft actually did manage to make some kind of product that really lets you make working backup discs of PS3 titles, I'd probably buy it. Sorry. :))
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    Thank you very much my friends for the replies