Question about ati 2400-3870 hd cards

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  1. lambrd

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    Can any one tell me if the video will pass through the "Video Out Port (S-Video, Composite, HDTV)" or does it need to go through the dvi port before going component into the tv?

    Thanks :)
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    Rocket Fish DVI to HDMI Cable

    This is what I'm using. Works great on my ATI 2600 Pro...the box says AGP Version doesn't support great. I bought it at BEST BUY
    I couldn't get component to work either VGA to Component or DVI to Component....I guess very few cards support VGA to Component....your s video out is poor quality compared to HDMI...I tried it....My regular upconverting HDMI dvd player had a better picture....I wonder why they'd put an s video out on a HD card....probably for a normal tv....not an HD TV
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  3. lambrd

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    Thanks for the answer but I need to use component to the tv and just trying to find a video card that will work.