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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by greatgads, Jun 6, 2007.

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    The progress bar in clonedvd does not show the % and after some time I get the 10 11 w2 error. The disk actually does burn and windows recognizes the disk as being xx gb. This only happens on 1 of the 2 drives. The other drive burns fine(& the progress bar does fine also). This problem drive I just installed replaced a previous one that burned fine also. This drive is set with same jumper setting as previous one (CS).
    I Have been using clone & any for a couple years with little real trouble but this ones new to me & I have come to a stand still on this.


    Have reinstalled CloneDVD 2909 & ANYDVD 6160.

    No upper filters
    lower filter is ElbyDelay AnyDVD
    Media tried TayoYunden 8x -r & memrex 2x -rw
    Region setting in windows is 1

    Problem drive is a (Sony NEC) Optiarc AD7170A OEM 1.02 fw. (found a 1.03 update but states it is only for retail & bulk drives not oem) Jumper setting= CS

    Have done a driver update for ATA/ATAPI controllers--Standard dual channel pci ide controller.(used the standard)? Should I use the intel by intel OR intel by microsoft?

    The other drive is a NEC ND3520AW 3.07 (& is working fine other than not wanting to recognize some newer commercial DVD's)

    BURN SPEED has no effect.

    Thanks for anyones help.
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    You did not say whether it was on the Master or Slave connector. Usually, the burner needs to be on the Master (end) connector whether set as Master/Slave or CS (reader doesn't matter). If it's on the Slave, try reversing and see it that works. And are you using the newer 80 wire IDE cable or an older 40 wire?
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  3. Webslinger

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    1. Do step 3 from here (in other words, use Microsoft default drivers)

    2. Set your burner, as mmdavis is saying, to master and try an 80 wire cable

    3. If all your other burners are working fine, then maybe this burner is faulty
  4. greatgads

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    Originally the drive was set as master for the ide cable but clonedvd would freeze into about 20mb of reading a disk and also freeze the pc big time with only a brute force power button shutdown. This also happened w/ any other program. So I swapped drive places and then got the problem with burning.
    Well I didn't even realize there was 40 & 80 wire, luckily I had a 80 wire cable I got recently for a second hard drive because I needed a longer cable not for the 80 wires, anyway I put the 80 wire in and first try & 5 subsequent tries all went fine. I would have never thought of that so thanks so much. Hope it helps more folks.
    BTW, would 80 wire be faster/more reliable for cdrom as well as HDD's? If so I may as well replace all.
  5. Webslinger

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    80 wire cables are mostly required for devices that need support for anything higher than udma 2. Most newer burners require an 80 wire cable. For older optical drives, 80 wire cables are usually not necessary.