problems with Windows Media Center (network)

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by tonymuffin, Jan 6, 2008.

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    The suggestions here have been helpful. However, I am still a little at a loss of how to go about doing this.

    I have a media server that contains all of my music and I want to do the same with my DVD backups. I would really like the ability to sort and search my DVD backup like I can with my music collection. Instead of going through my DVDs one by one to find the one I want, I would like to see a list of titles, or actors, or genre etc, just like I can with my music library.

    I would then like to play my movie files from my media server, through my network, through my XBox 360 to my TV. I have heard that this can be done.

    I have backed up a couple of my DVDs to my hard drive as an experiment. However, Windows Media Center does not see them which I am assuming it must in order to have the XBox see them.

    Can anyone suggest how I can accomplish all of this whether with WMC or some other application?

    Thanks much!
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    Google media center plugins and go the the green thumb website.