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    I am quite new at this, so forgive a possibly stupid question. Despite having ripped about 5.000 discs using AnyDVD, because the program is so reliable I have had very few issues and therefore have not bothered to learn much about it. A couple of times I have had problems with the ripping, but I have just left these titles on the side and continued with others (I have emptied 6 mega-changers and a couple of meters of shelf space). Now I am down to the last 20 or so titles that will not rip without problems. Some of them have obvious physical issues, like scratches etc, that I don't expect AnyDVD to solve (I am looking at ways of repairing these using a with some success. Also trying to rip from a different PC sometimes works, although I then run into the issue of not having AnyDVD installed, so if it is region protected I have problems.. However a few DVDs simply seem "invisible", my drive will report that there is no disc in it, even though there absolutely is! See the attached log. Is there anything I can do about this? I tried engaging the aggressive drive scan mode, but that didn't make a difference.


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    Not an anydvd problem. If windows doesn't see them with anydvd disabled it certainly isn't an anydvd problem, as such this topic is now moved. Feel free to continue the discussion though. That said, i'm guessing those devices can work on DVD's to a degree as from what i know they either try to "fix" things by polishing or by physically removing (sanding off) some of the anti-scratch coating to make the scratches less deep.

    That said, do NOT use that type of devices on blu-rays. They will definitely do more harm than good.
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    Hi, I do have AnyDVD enabled. Should I try to disable it??

    Yes the device has worked in some cases with DVDs (about 10%), but works great for CDs. Haven't tried on Blurays as I fortunately do not have any non-working ones. But thanks for the warning, although I guess if it doesn't play then there isn't much to loose either :)
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    Sense key:
    2 04 01 Not Ready - becoming ready
    So, your drive is still trying hard, to read something useful.
    Access lamp was still blinking?
    Either your drive is dying, or your disc is defective.
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    I think the problem is the disc, since this issue happens on both my PCs, but, the disc plays without problems on my regular DVD players, that is what makes it so strange to me. ..

    But since there are not many of them I guess I'll just throw them away, I am getting rid of the DVD players, so no sense in keeping the DVDs any longer.