Problem with older studio release DVD discs

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    Hi everyone,

    I have a large collection of DVD's purchased over the past 18 years. A growing number of the older ones, when I attempted to play them again would not play properly.

    The pattern is similar to this: They play perfectly to a certain point usually to half way or more. Then, play stops and the player freezes.

    Will not fast forward, will not skip tracks, often the disc cannot be ejected without turning the player power off.

    The discs are always major studio releases - pressed discs not burned on demand. have all been stored correctly upright, and cleaning attempted from edge-centre not around & usually there are no apparent markings on the playing side.

    The pattern of not playing is identical on my various blu ray players.

    QUESTION: Does anybody know what causes this? Is there a means of regaining play or does this pattern indicate corruption. Is this an unfortunate problem with DVD's - sometimes corrupt and become unplayable.

    All have been Warner Bros issued (some USA some Australia). Titles include Now Voyager, 30 Seconds over Tokyo, Best Foot Forward, Neptune's Daughter, Broadway Melody of 1936, Born to Dance.

    Steve - Could you post somewhere or see if you can find any information on this. ALL ARE MAJOR HOLLYWOOD STUDIO RELEASES FROM THE LARGEST - WARNER BROS (who hold the licence for WB, RKO & MGM (to 1978) libraries.

    I did find a website once that suggested toothpaste - rubbing it into the disc. What I am hoping is you will find an ANSWER as to why it happens and maybe a solution WHICH I DOUBT.

    I am hesitant to throw away as most are no longer available and being older films from the 60's and back, were never released in Australia. The problem has nothing to do with regions as my players are multi region DVD players. I have never experienced a problem with a blu ray disc NOR WITH A WARNER ARCHIVE MOD DISC..

    hopefully you can lift some of my explanation with minimum need to redraft.

    Messy one...

    many thanks
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    It could be a case of DVD rot. Please Google that for a more detailed explanation.

    Also, without a AnyDVD log on any of your affected discs, it is all guesswork. The instructions on how to create a AnyDVD log is at the top of the Forum.

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    Toothpaste is like a fine car polish as far as I know so it would be used to smooth minute scratches. I know you said you tried cleaning but have you tried a mild dish soap and warm water? I am just wondering if over time a film (no pun intended) has developed on them that simple wiping would not take off.

    Then there is the thought that if there is some grease/oil based film has it maybe transferred somehow to your drive? Maybe clean the lens of your drive and or try another drive?

    Not saying any of this is for sure your issue, just thinking out loud with you hoping to help find you a solution.
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    Now, this is an interesting one. The problem is not a single Blu-Ray player as the OP said this happens on multiple discs on different Blu-Ray players. Are these different Blu-Ray players all from the same manufacturer or model? Given that it happens on multiple discs on multiple players, the problem would seem to be the discs themselves. However, ONE disc doing this would be more likely than multiple discs ALL going corrupt within the same span of time. Unless the storage conditions had something to do with it.

    Do you have any PC software that can play DVD's? Try to see if you get the same errors at the same spots on the DVD's you're getting in your Blu-Ray players on a PC DVD drive. If you do get similar errors at similar spots, you know it's the discs as PC drives are a bit more forgiving.
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    Perhaps your disc has minute scratches on it and needs to be cleaned or your DVD player is old and needs to be replaced. I doubt very much if this is an AnyDVDHD issue.
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    Hi everyone,

    Thank you for all your responses, it is greatly appreciated. I'm going to look into all your suggestions and see what I can recover.

    Currently the trend with the DVDs playing up is that they were all manufactured before 2010, and most are from Warner Brothers. I ended up finding the below response which mentions a certain plant that these DVDs may have been manufactured in. Might be closer to learning the cause of these issues.

    “Warner manufactured their dvd discs at Cinram's plant in Olyphant, Pennsylvania until 2010. But in 2010, Warner changed to Thomson/Technicolor's Mexico plant.

    The Olyphant, Pennsylvania Cinram plant had IFPI facility codes 2U** and (I think) also 2F**

    The Thomson/Technicolor plant in Guadalajara, Mexico had IFPI facility codes KK**

    In my experience, I have come across the most defective dvd discs manufactured by Cinram's Olyphant, Pennsylvania facility with IFPI facility code 2U** and 2F**, and also IFPI facility code 60**”
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    I had a problem playing copied Dual Layer DVDs on a DVD Player once. It was an old player. Bought a new player and they played just fine.
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    I am moving this thread to Third-party products..