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Possible Mac version?


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Apr 28, 2007
I have been using the Slysoft products for some time now, and have been extremely pleased with them. While I have been using the products for a while, I am fairly new to the whole "forum" world, and I don't mean just this forum, but rather all forums in general.

Up until recently, I have been working strictly off of a Windows computer. I am currently running off of a Mac, and I know that I can not be the only Slysoft customer that owns a Mac.

Since I am now running off of a Mac, I must ask if there are any plans for a Mac version of the Slysoft products. I don't think that it's possible that I am the only Slysoft customer that owns a Mac.

I know that it's possible to use programs like Parallels to run Windows, and that Mac will boot XP from Boot Camp. I own a copy of Parallels, and I am currently running a copy of XP on it.

I only ask about a Mac version because I think it would be a little nicer to be able to just pop a disc into the Mac, and start the copy; rather than needing to either boot into Windows, or load an emulation, making sure that the disc shows up, and then making the copy.

Then, there's the point that there are some disc's that Windows can not read, such as my Mac OS disc's. I like to keep at least one physical, and one electronic backup of all my important disc's, and working off of a Mac means no Slysoft to assist since Windows will not read the disc's. I am not really enjoying the thought of trying to track down programs that will work like the Slysoft products for use on the Mac, testing them out to make sure they work, and are along the same standard as the Slysoft products.

I welcome any information and/or support from others on this topic.

You are not the only person with a MAC PC but you are in a minority situation. There are not enough MAC's out there to warrant software makers, from an economical stand point, to make compatible software.
You can use Mac the Ripper, Popcorn, and Toast, to do your copies, on your mac..............
I am another mac user hoping for a mac version of AnyDVD....
An app like AnyDVD for Mac? LOL, it was hard enough finding AnyDVD in the first place. Good luck. I'm sure a lot of people would love that, one being me, but like oldjoe said, it probably is not worth it for Slysoft to make it as the new Macs are already capable of running both operating systems simultaneously. Out w/ the old and in w/ the new.

Is MacTheRipper even any good anymore? The last update was 2.6.6 and the last time I used that version, which was probably a year ago, it was giving me a lot of problems with Sony discs and others with funky disc protections. Since it hasn't been updated and I don't think we can look forward to one in the future, I don't think anyone should recommend it for ripping any recent movies you got.

Also, I don't think Popcorn and/or Toast are ripping utilities.
Not sure if Mac the Ripper is still good or not. I've not used a mac in a couple of years, so I've not kept up with the software for it. I don't like OSX, so I switched to a PC.