Poldark - Season 2 UK Version (for US and Canada) - Obfuscation?

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    I recently obtained the UK version (BD) for US and Canada (Region 1) of Poldark, Season 2 (ISBN 978-1-62789-787-7). I see someone else already posted a thread for a version bought at Best Buy but I don't know if that is the same version. There may be a US version that is slightly shorter (Masterpiece tends to have shorter versions than those airing in the UK)

    I've not seen this before but from what I've read, it sounds like the obfuscation problem (literally hundreds of titles). I watched this video made with a workaround using another program + Power DVD to try to find the correct tracts. I don't have PowerDVD for my Windows 8.1 desktop. I have just a BluRay read device and use AnyDVD HD then Handbrake to store my stuff into Plex for convenience.

    There are three DVD's in the season broken down as follows (number in parenthesis indicates # of titles/files I'm looking for out of hundreds):

    Disc 1: Parts 1-3 (3 files)
    Disc 2: Parts 4-7 (4 files)
    Disc 3: Parts 8-10 (3 files)

    If anyone can help me determine which titles are correct, it would be appreciated. Almost all of them have a time between 59 minutes and 1 hour 2 minutes, so using time isn't useful. Attached are log files for all 3 discs.

    I'm not big on bonus features.

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    Disc 1: playlists already mentioned
    Disc 2: playlists already mentioned
    Disc 3: playlists already mentioned

    Check your anydvd status window, that's where playlists are always mentioned.
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    Wow. I had to look at status 3 times to see that. It was at the bottom. Thanks!
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    You can use CloneBD (no license needed) to check for correct playlists.