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  1. harleydoc9076

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    why are some dvd not seen and being in the disc drive or being read ? such as knocked up? the disc drives runs and then stops with no acknoldgement of the disc being in the drive pls help
  2. harleydoc9076

    harleydoc9076 New Member

    dvds not being read

    pls help, why are some dvds not being read for instance knocked up the disc drive trys to read....but when finished does not even acknolodge there even a disc in the drive....some movies work and some dont pls help
  3. Fred0149

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    I had no problem with Knocked Up, could just be a bad disc. The disc can look perfect, but still have enough flaws to stop you from getting a backup copy.
  4. Webslinger

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    I'm not sure I understand your question. Is the problem that the original disc can't be read--or the backup/burned copy can't be read?

    Answer these questions fully please. click