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  1. I have been using clonedvd for the last year and never had an issue. NOW when i try to burn a dvd, after i get to the very last option to choose next, where the dvd will then start the burning process. My computer automatically restarts! I don't understand. To my knowledge nothing has been changed. And this doesn't happen to any other programs, I tried burning a cd and it worked fine. I removed clonedvd from my computer and re installed it and the problem still persists. If any one has any tips i would most appreciate it. THANK YOU
  2. so no one knows anything at all? or is everyone out of town or something?
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    Are you using the latest version of clonedvd if not an update might help..
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    maybe your power supply is going bad??
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    He states it only happens with clonedvd though
  6. ya its the current update. i dont think its the power supply.
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    It does take more power to burn a dvd than it does a cd.
  8. ok, how do i check it?
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    @ skitzodajuggalo,

    Suggest using Google Search ( and conduct a Google Search on the unique title “Computer Power Supply Testing”.

    An example of the results of a Google Search on the topic “Computer Power Supply Testing” ->

    Also suggest COMPLETELY securing all power to you computer and open the computer case and ensure all cables and plugs are securely connected. Also check that all cooling and ventilation Fans are clean and dust free.

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  10. i have checked all my power, and everything looks to be setup correctly and my drive seems to be doing everything it is supposed to be doing. Im so stumped! im about to try using nero just to see if its clonedvd that is messing up
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    Burning directly from disc?

    Are you burning diretly from the original DVD? I have a problem with my internal LG shutting computer down when trying burn on the fly or to to do an ISO file directly from the original DVD. Since I usually rip to HD fiorst and then to ISO not really that annoying. Funny that my OLD TDK external has no problem doing a burn on the fly or creating an ISO directly from the original DVD. I have updated the firmware on my LG but didn't seem to make a difference.

    I'm sure someone may have an answer to my issue buit since have a way aropund it not really stressed over it.

    Best of luck!
  12. Lol You Guys Are No Help
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    This is usually a sign of a hardware failure of some sort. You should probably check for overheating issues (check fans, etc), a bad stick of memory, etc.

    But since I'm checking everyone's filters today, I might as well check yours (not that I think it will do much good).

    Click Start, Run
    type regedit

    Go to
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

    Check the values in "LowerFilters" and "UpperFilters". List everything there
  14. lowerfilters:

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    Uninstall the packet writing software called Incd please. It's known to cause issues.
    Ensure after uninstalling that it's removed from your upperfilters.
    If you need packet writing functionality, I recommend you use a dvd-ram drive instead.
    Packet writing software tends to be unstable; dvd-ram is better.
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  16. thank you, im finally getting somewhere but i dont wanna sound dumb (even tho it is going to) all that went right over my head, how i delete the packets? its just text in the upperfiles
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    Just uninstall Incd. It comes bundled with Nero. You don't need to uninstall Nero, but you do need to uninstall Incd.

    packet writing software = software that lets you burn files to a cd-r or dvd-r as you would a floppy (drag and drop).
    packet writing software = Incd, Directcd, and others . . .
    packet writing software = lots of problems

    When you uninstall incd, "incdrm" should no longer be listed in your upperfilters. Please ensure that's the case.
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  18. ok i dont mean to ask dumb questions and i do appreciate the help a lot, but i dont know where Incd is. its not in the program file, i seached and found the incdrm file, i del. it and when i run regedit it still shows the file
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    1. If the file is still in your recycle bin, restore it to where it was originally. You need to uninstall Incd properly.

    2. Run Nero's setup program (or Nero productsetup). Click modify. Choose to uninstall incd. You have to do it through Nero's setup program (and the method varies depending on the version of Nero).


    Do step 1 above and download a
    Extract the zipped files onto your hard disk using WinZip or WinRar.
    Run InCD-CleanTool by double-clicking the file.
    That should remove Incd from your system.
    Check your upperfilters to make sure.
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  20. this is not simple at all