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  1. offspring991

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    Hello, first time poster here.

    I've been running into problems with Catching Fire, which seems to be a common theme for that particular title and a few others. Scenes played out of order and whatnot. It's a region 1 US copy, and plays the movie in a slightly scrambled order both directly from the disk, and from the ripped iso I created.

    I'm using AnyDVD HD and VLC as my media player. AnyDVD HD version is 7471. I'm not overly familiar with the technical stuff behind most of this, so unfortunately I'm having quite a bit of trouble figuring out a way to fix this. I've figured out where the playlists are located at on the disk, and I know the AnyDVD status window indicates which one of them is the good playlist, but my problem remains that it still seems to want to use a scrambled playlist when playing in VLC or when ripping to an iso. I can't tell if that's because AnyDVD/VLC is just ignoring the playlist it supposedly lists as correct, or if the playlist AnyDVD suggests to be the right one is in fact wrong.

    My end goal here is to get a functional iso on my hard drive from this disk, using the correct playlist. I understand applying SpeedMenu to the iso allows me to pick the proper playlist, but I'd like to avoid using SpeedMenu if possible. That also doesn't address the fact that the disk itself is still playing out of order to begin with. Any suggestions on how to go forward with this would be greatly appreciated!

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  2. mike_r

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    Use Clown_BD and make a movie only copy.

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    A lot of people have problems with VLC. Have you tried another player like PDVD or TMT?
  4. ddjmagic

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    That's exactly what is happening in this case. VLC ignores AnyDVD and picks what it thinks is the correct playlist (VLC is never correct with these discs)

    AnyDVD is correct 99% of the time when listing the playlist, so you can trust the information shown in the status window.

    Unfortunately there are no free players (that I know of) that can automatically select the correct playlist with these discs, so you will manually have to select/choose the playlist yourself.
  5. offspring991

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    Ah, that makes lots of sense, thanks for confirming that for me. How exactly do I manually tell VLC which playlist to use?

    Also, I used Clown_BD per the earlier recommendation, and the iso created via that program did function correctly with no playlist wonkiness, for VLC at least. I was hoping to keep my ripping in AnyDVD, as I like having the rip and decode all in a single program. It's not a big deal either way though, I'm just glad I have a reliable method for ripping them with and without obfuscation.

    I also had another question regarding Clown_BD. It goes through a bunch of steps prior to the burn phase, remuxing and demuxing and other such things. I'm not sure what these things are, and they more than double the time compared to AnyDVD's rip method. Can anyone give me a quick rundown of what exactly Clown_BD is doing? It's not a big deal, but I'd like to understand what it's doing if I'm to continue using it. Thanks in advance.
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  6. ddjmagic

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    You can change the playlist during playback in VLC - Playback > Title >
    Last time I checked though, VLC does not list the playlist numbers so you can't tell which title is which.
    You can try opening the playlist file (mpls) directly in VLC, that might work, but last time I checked VLC wasn't able to play mpls files directly either.

    For Blu-ray playback I would recommend trying MPC-HC (also free), it's better than VLC IMO and you can easily switch to any playlist and it also supports opening of the mpls file directly.

    It might also be worth a look at JRiver MC, its not free, but it will automatically choose the playlist shown in the AnyDVD status window. It has a free trial so you can check that out if needed.
  7. acdvorak

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    Where is this marvelous playlist information?? My status window only shows:

    Summary for drive F: (AnyDVD HD, BDPHash.bin 14-02-26-B)
    ASUS BC-12B1ST 1.01 2011/04/20 21:37
    Drive (Hardware) Region: 1
    Current profile: BD-ROM
    Media is a Blu-ray disc.
    Total size: 21786944 sectors (42552 MBytes)
    Video Blu-ray label: ...
    Media is AACS protected!
    Media is BD+ protected!
    Drive supports bus encryption!
    AACS MKB version 27
    Using local database!
    Removed AACS copy protection!
    Removed BD+ copy protection!
    Blu-ray Java signatures fixed!
    BD-Live deactivated!
    Even with SpeedMenu enabled I didn't see anything playlist-related mentioned in the AnyDVD status window. Am I missing something?
  8. Pete

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    Since you seem to have blanked out the title of the disc (unless the label is "..."), I can't say for sure, but this disc will probably be one without playlist obfuscation.
    That's what this thread is about. And only for those does AnyDVD display the correct playlist(s)
  9. Recycle

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    Maybe if you posted the log file instead of editing the log that would help post a log file instead of doing editing posting....that doesn't help.

    And back to the OP topic help...VLC is a poor program to play BD movie...either use PDVD or WinDVD Pro which I have that will properly play a BD move and also make sure your laptop or desktop has a BD drive to be able to watch a BD movie as well. I have a BD Burner so I can backup my BD movies and save the original from damage.
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  10. vhbaske7

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    VLC and Bluray discs

    I never had seen a Bluray movie with VLC, they are always scrambled. Curiously, Windows Media Player Classic is very good on bluray movies.
  11. RickInHouston

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    You're not alone. I would like to 'fix' this, as well. I've given up, though, because I'm just not smart enough or willing to put all the brain power in how to fix this. I use XBMC, by the way, to view my bluray iso's. So far, I've found my copies of Ender's Game, Catching Fire and the second Hobbit movie to act this way.

    Post any fix you may find, please. Will give Clown a try and investigate, but don't know if I can figure it out if you can't!