PC Mag Article on AnyDVD HD

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    that link takes me to a site with trojan alert freeserials.com
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    The link werks fine from here!! Just go to pcmag.com and click on the news tab..
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    Worked fine for me. A good read. I'd like an explanation on this however.
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    I can see sales for both Slysoft and HDDVD discs going up up up.
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    There is a lot of mixup and misunderstanding around this topic.
    There is no such thing as a "private host certificate", there is only a "public host certificate" issued to Cyberlink (and another one issued to Intervideo and so on).
    This certificate is by no means private or secret, in fact it is transmitted unencrypted over the bus each time you start the player software.

    There is though such a thing as a private key associated with this certificate, which indeed is private and secret. And this can be used only to read the volume id from the disc (not decrypt, only read). This key in other words cannot be used for decryption at all.

    So be careful, when reading statements like the above. Whole armies of knowlegeable "AACS-gurus" have arosen from this matter, but too many of them just don't get the whole picture. So misinformation spreads on... :(
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    That was a good read. I took it that they are pissed off at slysoft as bad as doom 9 for this too.