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    Hello there. I have a Phillips DVDR 3390. Does anyone know what "PBC ON" means? I'm trying to play a Karaoke Music Video DVD. It says VCD on it though. It use to play on my old cheap DVD player without a problem. Not sure why it won't play on this more expensive DVD player/recorder. I can get to the main menu where the titles to the songs are, but that's about it. When I go to choose a song, I get the red circle with the line going through it. My display says "PBC ON". I checked the settings and can't find where I can turn this off, if that's at all possible. Thanks for your help.
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    "Why can't I playback a VCD when Play Back Control (PBC) is on?


    When PBC is ON the PLAY/OK key has no function.

    When PBC is ON by default, tracks on the VCD (MTV karaoke) can be selected by pressing the Number Keys 0-9 on the remote control only to activate the playback function."

    If you have further questions, I recommend contacting Phillips.
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    I got it to work. Thanks a bunch. :)
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    You're welcome!