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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by supersonik, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. supersonik

    supersonik Active Member

    hi there
    as i saw and read trial users are limited by something which got implemented.

    but i paid for 1 year and gets limited too?
    how can that be possible?

    license infos and or order infos to admins/coders via pm no problem but not in public.

  2. mr.secret

    mr.secret Member

    AnyStream is a super tool but this is a really important point. The promotional material and terms & conditions don't refer to any form of usage limitation. If a limit is required to ensure the sustainability of the tool, there should be transparency of this and a material difference between trial and purchased versions. Otherwise, it risks damaging reputation and the overall commercials with potential unintended consequences for the sustainability of the tool.
  3. PluggerOfButts

    PluggerOfButts Active Member

    I believe they said they are addressing this.
  4. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    How do you come to the conclusion you're being limited too, as a license holder?
  5. AcesOfThePacific

    AcesOfThePacific Active Member

    That's a pretty big deal. This is not cheap software by any means. It's cheaper to buy physical media in some use cases at these prices. Furthermore, the basic product doesn't work right now at all. Both Amazon and Netflix are totally dead... doesn't work at all with each having a unique problem (Amzn can't download, Netflix can't login).
  6. Kai Cheeda

    Kai Cheeda Member

    I bought a lifetime subscription and am also getting hit with the "Failed to Create License Request." As most people said above, I don't think any of us mind being limited, we'd just like to know what those limits are, but also as a number of people have said this is being worked through, so I am hoping to hear back about it
  7. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Totally dead for YOU and some others, totally dead entirely. Not even remotely. If i weren't having a crashing issue with AS right now, i'd be up and running. Both Amazon and Netflix sides are fully functional on my end (login and logout)
  8. supersonik

    supersonik Active Member

    because i could load straight whatever i want and how much i want for 2-3 days.
    including yesterday.
    so it either has something to do with the beta version or the limitation is applied to me as well.
    thats what i as i customer have to think.

    because its the same message which i get, which also trial users get from amz.
    also in the thread where you made me attaention of hjijacking other threads.
  9. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Trial and licensed users access the same servers to verify license before download begins. They're currently doing some changes to that server to implement trial use abuse which is happening. That may have been a side effect of that. Pete (developer) specifically said that trial users will be limited, licensed users LIKELY too but nothing definitively has been decided on that part for licensed users.

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  10. supersonik

    supersonik Active Member

    then please keep us up2date.
    because i liked the idea of what the devs are let happen here and invest in the first stage where others are just sneaking in without.
    that should be separated.

    thanks for the info ch3vr0n
  11. AcesOfThePacific

    AcesOfThePacific Active Member

    If there's restrictions for paid users, you can kiss all paid users goodbye.
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  12. PluggerOfButts

    PluggerOfButts Active Member

    Why would you think that? 10 DL's a day is fine. 100$ for a lifetime subscription for 10 DL's a day... I couldn't even watch all the shit I've got on my external right now.
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  13. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Speak for yourself only please. As I paid user, I'm not going anywhere. Even with a limit, I'd still be able to do what I want able to do before AT ALL. Download from netflix/Amazon. I'd you don't like limits, feel free to develop your own limitless tool.

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  14. AcesOfThePacific

    AcesOfThePacific Active Member

    That's you. Not everyone's use case is the same. What if you want to get a bunch of shows for a very long trip? I'm gone for weeks and months at a time and no internet access while I'm there.
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  15. PluggerOfButts

    PluggerOfButts Active Member

    Well if you're consistently gone for weeks and months at a time with no internet, you're the outlier. And honestly, that's not their problem. If you're trying to tell me [and everyone else] though, that you can't amass enough media BEFORE a trip via the 10 DL's a day limit - you're either gone with no internet 95% of the year, or you're full of shit. I'm betting it's the latter.
  16. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    @PluggerOfButts watch the language please. I won't repeat this a 2nd time.

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  17. goapy

    goapy Member

    I'll speak for myself. Undisclosed limits for paid users is substantially problematic, for me at least. I realize that you say that "nothing definitively has been decided on that part for licensed users". Well, it should be definite before taking any money. Otherwise it's bait & switch. Or worse, a fungible offer than changes at the will of the settings of the redfox server.

    But worse than all of that, it means the counts of individual instances of usage are logged and stored by the redfox server. Who knows if that data could ever be subject to legal process of some sort, or used as leverage to get out of a pickle. So, not only should limits be clearly defined before taking any money, the extent to which any data is stored about usage should be clearly explained before taking any money.
  18. radiah

    radiah Active Member

    Speaking for myself as well, I am also a little taken aback by any potential limitation to the paid version. Having said this, It's highly unlikely that I would exceed 20 D/L per *month* let alone 10 per day. I just think that this is something that needs to be fully disclosed before the sale is consummated. This is really an awesome product. I'm a network guy, and know virtually nothing of coding, so it's all black magic to me, but it's very much appreciated.
  19. AcesOfThePacific

    AcesOfThePacific Active Member

    They need to not limit things beyond 1x speed downloading. There are those of us who download for weeks to months gone and without internet access.

    And, if RedFox is tracking what we download, that is REALLY bad.

    Oh yeah, and you can't even buy the product right now (unless you go through the ass pain of bitcoin).
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    You don't like it, that's obvious. There are a million things on the Internet, that I don't like. But I'm not hanging around there and pestering.
    Holy shit, get over it and move on... :rolleyes:
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