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One-click Season downloading


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Sep 20, 2011

I'm admittedly playing catch-up here with the recent changes to AS so bear with me...

I just downloaded and started using the latest beta of AS and am ecstatic to find a Download Queue finally available!!!

Awesome going, developers! (y)

So I've been going to series I held off on downloading until this development, and have been submitting the episodes of each season one-by-one to the queue.

Cool 'cause you don't have to wait for one to finish before picking the next, but still a bit clunky.

Now, reading comments here, it seems people are alluding to the ability to submit an entire season with one click.

Is that possible and if so where do you do it? I don't see that option.

(Yes, I have AS+).

and have been submitting the episodes of each season one-by-one to the queue

You do know on the series tab there's " download all" button at the bottom of the window right? :p 1 click adds everything and starts downloading.
Oh, for Pete's sake!!!

I looked at the bottom of the episode download list but somehow missed that button -- says "Download All" bottom of the frame. As big as day!

Now this is way cool -- and the only way to download a season!!!

Thanks, Ch3vr0n!

And thanks again developers!!!