• AnyStream is having some DRM issues currently, download with some streaming providers (Netflix) might not always be available in HD.
    Situations like this will always happen with AnyStream: streaming providers are continuously improving their countermeasures while we try to catch up, it's an ongoing cat-and-mouse game. Please be patient and don't flood our support or forum with requests, we are working on it 24/7 to get it resolved - but it will take a few days. Thank you.


  1. Jambopaul

    Resolved Select Prime Video titles not showing up (possibly) due to new Explore tab

    I have an issue to report: For a select few titles on Prime Video, the download button does not appear and the log file doesn't recognize that there are any episodes/movie files for that title. The two titles that I specifically noticed this issue with are "Oppenheimer" (which is on Prime Video...
  2. C

    Request AnyStream as Docker Container

    Hey, as far as I know there's currently no (official) way to do so and I can't judge if it's something realistic, but I'd be really interested in it. Is there any chance that theres gonna be a docker container of AnyStream, so that one could simply download stuff on a NAS with the PC turned...
  3. B

    Discussion 4k availability for Amazon?

    Hi Redfox team, This may have been answered before. But I was wondering if it was possible for us to have Amazon 4k download capability. I know Amazon provides it on certain titles. But we end up with FHD. Was this to not get undue attention if I recall? Thanks for an insight. I really like how...
  4. Jambopaul

    Question Prime Video - Limited Ads Plan

    I just got a notification upon opening up Prime Video that they now have "limited ads" and that I can upgrade to an ad-free plan for a slightly higher cost. I know that with Hulu, it is still possible to properly download content with AnyStream on the ad-supported plan. Should this also be the...
  5. I

    Resolved descriptive captions

    I've noticed a few titles that are missing descriptive text on dubbed foreign films. . .the audio is fine, (English as desired), but the captions that sometimes describe say foreign text on a newspaper, a written note, or a traffic sign (that isn't otherwise spoken) are missing. I've seen...
  6. Ivan

    Please Read AnyStream Download Quota und Fair Use

    Im November 2022 haben wir die Download-Quote "nur vorübergehend" von 100 auf 500 Downloads und die Auffüllung von 1 Download alle 36 Minuten auf 1 Download alle ~15 Minuten erhöht, was sich summiert. Anstelle von ~280 Downloads pro Woche (+ anfängliche 100) haben wir sie also auf ~672 Downloads...
  7. B

    Resolved AnyStream: Verbindung zum Internet gescheitert

    Hallo, seit dem letzten Update wird die Fehlermeldung "Verbindung zum Internet gescheitert" angezeigt, sobald man das Programm startet: Gemäß diesem Thread wurde bereits die Firewall ausgeschaltet: https://forum.redfox.bz/threads/verbindung-zum-internet-gescheitert.88737/ Status: Beim...
  8. N

    Request Web interfece gui controll

    Hi, It’s possible create web gui for control remote the anystream program?
  9. DeepSpace

    [Joke] AS 1701

    I think AS 1701 is a really interesting version. A very faszinating journey. I shall now pull off the double-click manouver to put it on screen and engage pressing the install button. *pulling his shirt* Internet, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the RedFox devs. They are on an...
  10. C

    Request Anystream home page suggestion

    Hello, As a Mac Anystream Plus licence holder I'm very happy with the software. For people with a Mac, quite often when we search for software we find that it's Windows only and we click away to find some other solution, or have to fire up that old Windows machine and work across two machines...
  11. S

    Resolved License and use of AnyStream

    Hi! I've tried looking for some answers in the forum but it's too wide, so I thought I'd better ask. I'd like to buy the 1-year license. I have two questions: 1. If I bought the license can i start using it right away? Or do I have to wait for the 21 days trial to end? 2. With the basic...
  12. S

    Question Unable to download on Disney+ with AnyStream1.6.1.0

    I just updated to the newest version of the application software and I am now unable to download anything from Disney plus. Instead, I get pic related. However, when I sign out, turn on vpn and sign back in, the download function works. Here's my log file. By the way, Japanese subtitles aren't...
  13. DeepSpace

    Discussion Unlabelled audio track on Amz

    This thread is about the new show "Joko Winterscheidt Presents - The World's Most Dangerous Show". It has a new kind of audio track that hasn't been used before (or I've never seen it until this show's release). As you can see in the screenshot, it is labelled as "Undefined". Amz calls it...
  14. Jambopaul

    Question Does AS+ download 1080p with HDR on 4K HDR-supported services?

    On 4K-supported services, which currently consists of Hulu and HBO Max (internationally, in the US, it doesn't support 4K after becoming "Max"), AnyStream downloads the videos with HDR intact when using the HEVC codec (there's also the HEVC Dolby Vision option but I personally never use it). I...
  15. P

    Question Download Location(s)

    Would it be at all possible to have different save locations for films & TV Series? I like to save my films in /Films & TV Series in /TV Series, ATM I have them in /Anystream and would like to empty that folder so each file is in it's respective folder as, when I move them manually, Anystream...
  16. R

    Question Anysteam compatibility with Amazon 2FA?

    Is 2FA supported in Anystream for addition of the Amazon Prime provider? If not, is there a method to exclude the internal Anystream browser when enabling 2FA on the linked Amazon account?
  17. E

    Resolved Downloaded files From anystream doesn't show up on Plex

    Hey. For some reasons, the files download with AnyStream are not detected by my plex server. And if I post this problem here, it's because I have this problem only with files downloaded by anyStream. I tried changing permissions, file names etc. nothing works. Is there anyone who use Plex that...
  18. D

    Resolved Unable to Decrypt this Stream

    Been trying to get Thorium, The Far Side of Nuclear (2020) which I rented. Whenever I attempt to download Anystream comes up with this error.
  19. DeepSpace

    Question Audio Bug and a question

    I already discovered the first issue month ago, but I think I never posted it (and it still exists). The second one is new, although I cannot say how long it might be there as I haven't checked this movie ever before. When opening the documentary "Salzburg" (the second video in the log...
  20. CraigR

    Discussion Opinions Requested: Is 720p Resolution Good Enough?

    Hello, everyone! Being new to AnyStream I was hoping for some advice from the experienced pros here in the forum. Here is my question: [VIDEO RESOLUTION TO SELECT FOR DOWNLOAD AND STORAGE] Considering the storage requirements for 1080p H.264 or H.265 video (especially TV series with 13+...