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    I got the full lifetime SlySoft Suite in 2006 which served me right and without any issues for a long time. Recently I needed to use some programs of the suite and I tried reinstalling them in a new, different computer to create some DVD backups. No problem with CloneDVD but SetupAnyDVD6097.exe created 15/12/2006 fails to install in Windows 10. Thus I downloaded the ¿current? AnyDVD version which installed all right but when I tried to apply the registration key (Key.AnyDVD 309 bytes ‎30‎.09.2006, ‏‎12:53:06) it repeatedly returns an "Invalid Key" message. What gives? Is the "Lifetime" sales advertisement just hype? Who/where can I adress this problem to?

    So far I have just installed CloneDVD2 (no problem there) and AnyDVD as demo. I have also requested a replacement key for the current AnyDVD and extend apologies for the inconvenience but I need to install the full suite again.

    Please advise.
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    Slysoft was forced out of business. Your Slysoft license is good up to AnyDVD version You can install that version and continue to use the software. Your Slysoft lifetime license was good for the lifetime of the company. Slysoft went out of business early in 2016. WE ALL were in the same boat. This is VERY old news and widely known and talked about.

    However, any AnyDVD Redfox version from 8.x.x.x. needs to have a Redfox license. CloneDVD was not affected because CloneDVD is an Elaborate Bytes product.
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    Thanks for the kind and clear reply. <<This is VERY old news and widely known and talked about>> I tried to search for previous messages on the subject but couldn't come up with any that addressed this. Could you further help me find a previous version; or any that will work in Win10? Is there an old repository for them? I will very much appreciate that. (Just found it, thanks for the heads up. ;-D

    As a corollary, I think Lifetime is a dishonest bussiness approach if you cannot hold your word and commit your company buyers to that compromise; but then it's ancient history and a moot point. I'll either come up with a solution or not. What I won't do, for certain, is purchase again something that is due to a scheme of corporate change leaving your customers hanging from the brush.
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    You can always purchase a one year license. But by the time you renew it a time or two, you have spent more than the lifetime license. There are no guarantees in life, no one can predict the future. AnyDVD is an outlaw product and a target for a lot of entities. But it is the best at what it does.
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    For sure. I can understand that. As you well point out, it certainly is an outlaw product for outlaws. Usually anything from .ch is... In any case, as long as the CloneDVD2 copier manages to work with my Chinese made drives and I can backup the DVD's that my Gkids watch, enjoy and destroy, the originally paid price (in 2006) is all right. I also managed to rip a mini-series with CloneDVD2 to ISO's and from there to MKV with freebie handbrake. Uploaded it to my Drive for my dentist enjoyment. :LOL:

    Huge thanks for your rescue. :thankyou:

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    If you do some internet investigation on how and why Slysoft went out of business it may provide some insight as to why they legally can not offer upgrades or extend the lifetime offer.
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    Please go to the Purchase page and buy a new Redfox license. Your Slysoft license is no good anymore. https://www.redfox.bz/purchase.html , thank you for supporting the project. CloneDVD2 is an Elaborate Bytes product. They are not affected.
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