No audio when playing backups on PC

Discussion in 'General Hardware Issues' started by Bilopete, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Bilopete

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    I am running the latest versions of Anydvd ( and CloneDVD( and Windows Media Player 11.

    I recently upgraded my monitor to a widescreen and thought I would watch some of my action movie backups but have noticed that none of my current or older backups have any audio.

    The picture is fine on PC.
    The backups all play fine on a stand alone dvd player.
    Subtitles work.
    I have tried all the different media types (sony, ritek, TDK etc) and the problem is not media associated.

    I cna play my mp3/wmp through WMP fine also, so I know it is not a hardware or sound card issue as well.

    I have two optical drives (Benq DW1640) DVD-RW and a Samsung SD-616F and I can't get audio form either of them yet I can a cd through them...again not a hardware issue.

    From memory I have been able to play backups using WMP previously so why the problem now?

    How can I fix it?

    [edit: I forgot to mention original purchased dvd's also have no audio, so it doesn't appear specific to backups]
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  2. bjproc

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    welcome to the forums

    do you think it's a clonedvd problem even when the originals have also got no audio.

    can you reinstall your audio driver, and check all the cables in your PC to see if there fitted right

    you can also look at the device manager and see if there any yellow exclamation marks
  3. Bilopete

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    No, there are no yellow exclaimation marks in the device manager.

    Any other suggestions?
  4. bjproc

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    This is not a clonedvd issue.

    Moving thread to General Hardware Issues . . .
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  7. oldjoe

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    Onboard Audio or Sound card? What brand of PC?
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  9. Bilopete

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    Hi, I think your right but do you have any suggestions on how I fix it?
  10. Bilopete

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    Its an audigy soundcard and the pc is bits and pieces that I have used,not a brand specific one. Looks like codec could be the problem though.
  11. bjproc

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    if you now have sound, is that not the problem fixed?
  12. oldjoe

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    I would try downloading WMP11 again. Sounds like some files are corrupted.
  13. Bilopete

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    No unfortunately, the suggested codec comes with media player classic and dvds play fine on that particular player but I still can't get audio to work on media player 11.
  14. oldjoe

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    Did you try another download of WMP11?