Newbie to slysoft here... Help with email via ATT

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by tobar72, Nov 6, 2015.

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    I've have forever license to anydvdHD and cloneBD for months. I noticed blurays which during recompression stalled at the beginning (fixed in newest release - movies were 'Young Frankenstein', 'Dark Shadows', and '40 Year old virgin') and I wanted to be helpful and let someone know.

    I contacted elby and they said they could not help because of copyrighted material and I should contact slysoft.

    OK, here I go. I contacted slysoft through contact page and didn't get response within 48 hours (during weekdays). So I tried to join slysoft forum and got to the point of wait for email confirmation which I didn't get a response within 48 hours. I went back into the forum and resent the email and waited another 48 hours, no response. I then used slysofts contact page for help and sent message and didn't get response within 48 hours. I was going to write to elby, but I thought I would switch my contact email address from an AT&T address to a godaddy hosted address and try again. I resent email via forum, bam I got the email via godaddy hosted address immediately, replied, and within minutes was accepted into form with another email message.

    SO, why no email through AT&T email address *******

    I would really like to use the AT&T email address as godaddy address I used is for company I did some tech support work for. Any help would be appreciated. By the way, I was watching SPAM filtered email religiously and although I get spam, I didn't get anything from slysoft.
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    Slysoft has no control over how strong your spam filters are used for that sbcglobal address. That's not something either slysoft not elby can deal with. You need to check the mail filter in the domain control panel. The part of at&t, godaddy or even hostgator is irrelevant.

    As far as disc problems go, you need to post that in the relevant forums, read the stickies and provide the needed info and logfiles.

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    Thanks for you quick help. Maybe I'm missing something. Where is this 'domain control panel'? I searched for those keywords on internet and it made reference to yahoo small business domain control panel. My email address is a personal email under an account through ATT UVerse.

    With respect to disc problems, I would post in CloneBD forums, but as I mentioned above issue was fixed in newest release, so it is no longer a concern of mine.
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    The control panel for your domain naturally. 'Personal' addresses in the true sense of the word are like ''. is a domain registered with a domain registrar. In your case you'd have to get in touch with at&t on how to access the spamfilter settings. Either way is not something anyone at slysoft out elby can help you with.

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    I'll try my **** address to see if I can receive mail from forum via that email. I guess I'll just use a different email address and not care about others who might be in same situation IF AT&T blocks emails from
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    If anyone cares, **** email address didn't receive emails from slysoft forum either, but ***** email address did work and is what I'm currently using. YAH!
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    The only addys that cant get through are spammers. Everyone else can surely sign up and be welcomed.
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    Have you guys thought about publishing the banned IP addresses? It might be useful for people trying to sign up for the forum access. Then again, maybe not such a great idea since the spammers would know that too.
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    Its not a great idea, but thanks anyway.