New Sony DVD player that blocks pirated discs?

Discussion in 'General Hardware Issues' started by rrose1968, Dec 28, 2007.

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    It's interesting stuff. If you go to they explain it very well. Basically it encrypts the entire hard disk so that when it boots up, it first goes to a screen for a password/passphrase. It uses 256 AES (most banks use 128 at the moment) and takes (in theory) 1000's of years for someone with today's best program to brute force open it. It also depends on the length and difficulty of the password and all of that.

    But this is true with any AES encryption because it's a standard.

    Here's a small article from Mark Minasi & for people familiar wth networking & security, they know the books he writes:,295582,sid45_gci1260747,00.html

    "BitLocker Full Volume Encryption, does indeed use AES in 128-bit and 256-bit encryption."

    You are suppose to also be able to encrypt your page file although this article advises not to.

    I even found a way to encrypt my backups with a program & then burn it to dvd. If I need to watch it, decrypyt & burn it to a DVD+RW and watch it. After I'm done, overwrite it.
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    That pretty much answers my question. Pre-builts use proprietary MOBO's built to their specs. If i knew the Model number of the Compaq I could tell you how many SATA ports are actually available for use.
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    A pre-built PC can be made to run just as lean as a home/custom build. However there are MANY other advantages to home/custom builds.

    Vista comes with more bloat than one could imagine possible. :D I spent a good day cleaning up my first install of Vista and I'm sure there are still many things that can be trimmed down to make it as fast and efficient as XP.
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    First thing I do is remove games and stuff. XP Media Edition took a couple hours of just that.
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    I really hate to add to this thread again, but the Sony DVD/VHS Player Model SLV-D350D my friend has that was playing backups for up to 10 minutes or so before stopping?

    Well changing the booktyping to DVD-ROM did NOT work. She told me yesterday all 4-5 test ones I did all either wouldn't play or would play & then stop. I told her there was nothing else I could do. Oh well.

    Side note: I just noticed Saw 4 is being weird so I need to go check the boards while I'm here....
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    My advice would be to return/exchange the unit....preferably for something other than a Sony.
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    Then there's something the matter with that player or the discs. But a full error message might be useful.

    You need to use Anydvd and Clonedvd and remove title 25 in Clonedvd.
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    im new to forum please tell me how to dvd+r to rom please im not understanding i have always useed dvd-r for over two years and never had a problem:confused:
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    I also wanted to update the +R thing I was doing with ImgBurn, settings, etc...

    My 2 drives on my XP machine are LG GSA-H55N
    The one drive on my Vista machine is an LG GSA H62N

    I think (not certain) that these drives are basically the same with the H55Ns being IDE and the H62N is SATA (which reads a lot faster I may add...& easier to install).

    Here's the thing: my 2 drives on the XP machine are keeping the booktype as DVD-ROM settings after reboots, AnyDVD & CloneDVD updates and all. I have checked it several times over the past few days.

    The drive in the Vista machine? Nope. I have to reset it.
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    What do you mean by: booktyped ?
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    Basically: Booktyping (bitsetting) is a process that changes the identity of +R media as seen by DVD players.
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