Need for ongoing update of AACS Key?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by mdmarmd, Jan 3, 2019.

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    I just started on this forum. I have been using MakeMKV in the past but wanted a tool to make ISO backups when needed. So I found this product. It successfully decrypts Blu Rays so other programs will make isos.

    I am about to buy this but would like to know if this completely removes the need for updated AACS key as does MakeMKV, or is the key no longer necessary with this (at least with the current protection schemes)?

    I realize the answer is probably somewhere on this forum but I could find the right terms to search for the answer, so hope someone can just pass it on to me.

  2. Recycle

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    You need to have Anydvd HD for it to work on Blu-Ray media. There are subscription model and I think the LTL(lifetime license) which cost more. Either buy the program Anydvd HD subscription model or LTL to get that ability to decrypt BD media or go somewhere else. Users on here will not provide you with those kinda bypasses.
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    It's a bit unclear, what you are referring to by "this product". There are numerous products available here.
    And two of them make Blu-ray ISO backups (AnyDVDHD and CloneBD).
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    If you rip your disks with anydvd the resulting isos or filesets are unprotected.

    Hope this helps.
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