My PIONEER BD-RW BDR-206D died... lookin for replacement.

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  1. autodidact

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    Today is a sad day... my PIONEER BD-RW BDR-206D died...
    It was only 11 years old, such a tragedy.
    It has served me well and burnt hundreds and hundreds of Blu-rays, DVDs and CDs.
    I hade one unused PIONEER BD-RW BDR-206D tucked away that I gave to a friend in need some time ago...
    Oh well... :/

    So time to find a replacement.
    Have my eyes on this one, ASUS Internal BW-16D1HT Blu-Ray/DVD.
    Thought I'd ask you guys if it's a worthy succesor to my old Pioneer?
    I actually don't need the M-disc (who needs a 1000 years archival-quality storage?) or BDXL features.
    Can't seem to find any Blu-Ray/DVD player/burner without these features.
    So, have anyone used this Asus and can give a review or have any suggestions on other good Blu-Ray/DVD player/burner?
    My main usage is for backing up Blu-ray movies through AnyDVD (HD) and data backup storage.
    I only use high quality Verbatim discs.

    Thanks and best regards,
  2. kufo

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    According to my knowledge, I would always prefer a Pioneer burner for this job. For BD-DL 50 GB in particular, it is the first choice for me.
    This new model could be a worthy replacement:

    The Asus would also be enough for simple BD 25. It can also be used for reading UHD with AnyDVD. (It can be made "friendly" with simple tools if it is not from the delivery state)

    According to this statement, I would definitely recommend the Pioneer drive. Look here for further details:

  3. autodidact

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    Appreciated and thanks for the info!

    I have already bought the Asus... triggerhappy... a bit of panic mode...
    I will get it today, maybe I'll send it back?
    I like this "It can be made "friendly" with simple tools if it is not from the delivery state".
    I'm not into the UHD today, but maybe I'll jump that train someday.

    Maybe buy the Pioneer aswell?
    You think the Asus is a bad choice?
    Keep it as a complement?

    Best regards,
  4. kufo

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    I wouldn't say this generally. Asus is better for ripping and Pioneer is better for burning. I'm using both as well. If there's place in your machine or you're owning an external enclose, you should do so.
    There's no need for panic, because both drives are good for they're own use.
    If you only use BD 25 for Blu-Ray you can take the Asus for burning as well. My thoughts went to the future and to those people that don't want to shrink their films.
    If you are one of those that always use BD 50, the Pioneer is a must have for burning those.
    Always keep in mind the use of the drive. There's no bad in buying one or the other. The use makes the difference.
    This only what I can say from my experience.
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  5. autodidact

    autodidact Well-Known Member

    Thanks, good advice!

    I'll buy the Pioneer aswell.
    There's room for it in my chassi.
    I sometimes burn 50GB Verbatim, mostly when I make my own menus for TV-series,
    removing unwanted stuff, like audiostreams I don't need and pesky trailers from the original Blu-rays.
    That's a lot of fun doing, being creative.
    Also burning a backup when there's a Blu-ray like Criterion Collections where I want to keep menus intact.

    Best regards,
  6. kufo

    kufo Well-Known Member

    Glad I could help. I hope you'll have fun with your drives.

  7. autodidact

    autodidact Well-Known Member

    Thanks Kufo for the input!

    A follow up...
    The combo ASUS BW-16D1HT + Pioneer BDR-209EBK (BDR-209M) is a winner!
    Tested a few Blu-ray backups with Asus then burned with Pioneer and no issues at all.
    Both very quiet, I like that a lot.

    Best regards,
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  8. kufo

    kufo Well-Known Member

    Nice to hear that. I'm glad that this drives work for you (y)

  9. jonghotti

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    I have replacement/upgrade drives available, all shapes and sizes, all 4K "UHD friendly", all guaranteed to work right out of the box, and all of them have a "try it before you buy it" policy. Common sense rules and restrictions apply. or text 650-850-2442

    Lastly, as of later tonight, all drives will be tested using AnyDVD HD as soon as my BTC buy goes through!
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