UHD movies backup on BD-BL 50GB discs

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    This is pretty much a translation of a similar thread in the German forum but it should be helpful for the whole community and not only be limited to the German part of the forum.

    @kufo and myself had a pretty intensive exchange regarding that. Ich hope he will further comment my post regarding this.
    This started because we both had very bad experiences with dics generally available here in Europe. Very often the backed-up movies stutter at the layer break when there is the shift from layer 1 to layer 2. This can't be influenced anymore how it could be done when working with DVD-DL. The software is forced to fully burn layer 1 (the edge area is always very critical regarding quality and you don't want to use this area at all) and can only switch then to layer 2. For that reason we both imported 50 GB dics with a good reputation from Japan.


    Unfortunately we still had issues when burnt with the most common LG and ASUS variants. kufo then made some backups with his Pioneer BDR-206 and the results worked much better. So I purchased a Pioneer BDR-209 and started my trials. Well, even with the Pioneer burner it didn't work flawlessly burning at highest speed (10x). However, we have achieved the best and until now flawless results with the following combination:

    Disc (Link see above). Media Code: MEI-T02-001
    Drive: Pioneer 206 / 209
    Burn speed: 4x

    The LG / ASUS drives are excellent readers and "UHD-friendly" to backup UHD discs. They are lousy burners using BD-DL 50 Gb discs. The Pioneer drives are not "UHD-friendly" and lousy readers but burners with a good strategy burning BD-DL 50 GB and therefore currently the best solution for people who want to make their backups of UHDs on BD-DL 50 GB (BD 25 GB are a non-issue. LG / ASUS burners and 25 GB discs work OK with good discs, e.g. Verbatim CMCMAG-BA5-000 and burns are perfect even at max. burn speed).

    Recommendation for folks who want to make their UHD backups on BD-DL 50 GB discs:

    Verbatim Japan discs, Pioneer burner and limit burn speed to 4x speed.
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    I have nothing to add to the excellent description of @coopervid.
    However, I would like to go into the capabilities of the various players: All Panasonic Player run excellent with Original UHD disc. With burned UHD on BD-50 looks quite different.
    Here only about 20% run error free, regardless of the blanks used. My recommendation as a player is the Sony UBP-X700.
    https://www.amazon.de/Sony-UBP-X700...vdev=c&hvqmt=b&keywords=sony+ubp-x700+4k&qid= 1573076897 & sr = 8-1
    A true "omnivore" with excellent error correction. My acquaintance owns such a player and is enthusiastic about it.
    Price / performance is very good for ~ 169 €, I think.
    Even if burning has gone out of fashion, there are still some who like to save their data on a disc.
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    Neither mid MEI-T02-001 nor CMCMAG-BA5-000 are original verbatim discs. The first one is used by many different manufacturers, and the second one is about the cheapest crap you can get from cmc Magnetics (hence the CMCMAG) in the mid,

    The fact that you get good burns on them is nothing short of a miracle, but I wouldn't expect them to last long, and lay also be the very reason why the other person isn't getting as good results as you are.

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    You didn't read carefuly. It's depending on the burner- Not the media is the culprit.
    I had good results with many different media in my Pioneer 206.
    On the other hand the player is also important for you.
    Sony UBO X700 is my favorite choice for playback burned BD-DL 50GB.
    @coopervid has an other player and this one is not so good for this.
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    @Ch3vr0n ,

    we all know that you have a reputation to be really rude sometimes but combining this with just plain wrong information you are crossing the line.

    CMCMAG-BA5-000 are original Verbatim EU BD25 printable discs, even ordered from Verbatim EU through Amazon.

    MEI-T02-001 are original BD50 printable Japan Verbatim discs now manufactured by Panasonic (Matshita) since Verbatim ceased their own production.

    I never had any problems with the BD25 even burning at 12x.

    The BD50 are a different story and the recommendation was outlined in my post.

    Here comes the funny part: I have also some crappy BD50 MediaRange discs and they come with the media code: VERBAT-IMf-000 !!!

    So you should start your browser and use Google to do some research since you are spreading just plain wrong or outdated information. A real guy with some b..... would then come back here and admit that he was just plain wrong.
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    Sorry to burst your bubble but i didn't cross anything.


    https://goughlui.com/2013/03/06/tested-mr-data-6x-bd-r-cmcmag-ba5/ (Mr. Data)
    http://juri.su/bdr.htm (search for BA5). TDK, VS, CMC, and yes verbatim
    That's a shared media code, and not genuine (pre-cmc mag takeover) original verbatim quality.


    Same thing. Want me to continue? Guess where i found that? My browser and google, 5 minutes ago.

    Now as to VERBAT-IMf-000 being shared used by mediarange? That would be very interesting news to me, got any source other than yourself?
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    @Ch3vr0n ,

    very old information and therefore outdated. Sometimes same media code (fake) but not from Verbatim.I give up on you and will not start a pissing contest...Case closed.
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    Just because it's old info, doesn't mean it's no longer valid. By that reasoning any technological invention/patents is/are invalid after a few years? What's old? 1y, 2y, 5y, 10y, 36y (me) does that make me old?...

    I'd still love to see a source to someone else using that MID, it's up to you.

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    I have found this thread. Pretty old. The Verbatim discs performed pretty good. Especially with Pioneer burners. This has always been judged in combination - disc supplier and burner strategy. Other discs with the same media code performed mostly worse. This is due to major companies have harsher quality requirements to sell the discs under their name. Lower quality discs go then to the no-name suppliers. Some media codes are "extinguished" in the meantime or have been "hijacked" like my discs from MediaRange with the Verbatim media code. These are really junk at the layer break.