More Grateful than Annoyed

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by Haxster, May 31, 2016.

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    While I'm not happy about having to buy another lifetime license; especially when there's no additional discount over what a new customer pays, here's another way of looking at things:

    What if, after SlySoft went under, an excited forum member posted, "Look, I just found a new company that has a product just like AnyDVD HD! And it's priced even lower than what most of you paid for AnyDVD HD from SlySoft."

    If the new company wasn't called RedFox, wasn't staffed by former SlySoft employees, and wasn't still called AnyDVD HD, I think most people would have been more grateful than annoyed.

    So, I posit that a RedFox AnyDVD HD LTL is actually a much better option than finding salvation with a "hypothetical" company with unproven developers and a new, unfamiliar product...or no product at all!
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    Unfortunately some don't see that even if pointed in the right direction. They can choose another software to do their bidding - RedFox is not stopping them from doing so. Actually one should be happy it's the R&D staff and not management they were the one the closed shop and left the employee in the dark. This has been explained many times but people seem to equate Management=Employees and this couldn't be farther form the truth. You have your choices:

    1. Buy RedFox software to keep using the update and OPD access
    2. Use Old Slysoft License but no updateds and no OPD access-which will happen sooner then later.
    3. Go with another 3rd party software
    4. There those are you choices pick one...or pick none...

    10. Those that used Slysoft before demise should be grateful such a program existed-I know I do before that is was buy and buy to replace the broken media and you can only buy so many times before you get the straight jacket to the hospital.
    11. Sure there was other software that time but you couldn't do a full 1:1 backup without protections kicking in or blocking you from making the backup-that is the History alot of people forget since Anydvd HD hit the streets.
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    Well, I just renewed my LTL. Smooth transaction using Wells Fargo VISA from the U.S. (The charge went through almost immediately and RedFox sent me the key super fast. The bank did flag this as a suspicious charge. So I confirmed with them that it was legit).

    Another reason that I'm grateful: No new learning curve!!!:)

    After the painless key registration, it's like nothing has changed...a good thing.(y)

    Now, I just have to hope that the company has a long lifetime.
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    hmm...mine didn't call me but I did call them ahead of time before the purchase and it went through without much problem and I saved the keys as well - if you didn't do this it would be a good time to do so and don't delete the email they sent you that is your Registration keys as well.

    It works good unless there are needed update to fix problems.

    Interface looks the same but it's what underneath that has changed but most of us don't see it.

    Who knows but having the software and working is better then having to buy and buy to replace the media.