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anydvd hd

  1. M

    AnyDVD HD vs Hyper-V

    AnyDVD HD was working (latest version) until I added Hyper-V server on the same machine. After adding Hyper-V server role on Windows 10, AnyDVD failed to launch with an error stating unrecognized license but correctly identified the license. I tried reinstalling AnyDVD and re-applying the...
  2. th3dud3

    ASUS BW-16D1HT burning questions.

    Hello friends. i have currently an ASUS BW-16D1HT with anydvdhd reading well 4k UHD disk. i use firmware 3.02. does this drive support 100 giga or 128 giga BDXL disc in burning mode ? i would like to know if some of you have successfuly burned a 100 Giga BD-XL from any anydvd iso file RIP...
  3. C

    While Handbrake is Encoding, AnyDVD HD keeps re-reading DVD

    Hi all - I've tried searching for a similar post but didn't find any. I'm running into a very annoying issue. After AnyDVD decodes the DVD, I start HandBrake doing its thing, just like normal. However, a short ways into the encoding, I see AnyDVD pop up again and starts reading the disk...
  4. Nixis198

    Buying AnyDVD HD with privacy.com

    Can you use Privacy.com to buy a lifetime copy of AnyDVD HD?
  5. J

    I'm Back! AnyDVD HD issues with 'The Long Shot' Part 2

    Let me start out with some background. I have done software tech support for 20+ years. I use a system whose sole purpose is rip and shrink movies. No extraneous processes are running. It is a 3rd gen i7 with 8g of Ram and an a GTX 1060 graphics card using a clean, fresh Windows 10 pro install...
  6. SubImp555

    Purple fox

    Hi all! I have followed the instructions to the letters, dots and comma's (honestly; I did!) here https://forum.redfox.bz/threads/tutorial-remove-cinavia-with-anydvd-hd-and-clonebd.72258/ to circumvent Cinavia. However, AnyDVD HD ( does not turn purple while copying Total Recall 2012...
  7. M

    Drive Scanning

    I am not sure if this is a CloneBD issue or an AnyDVD-HD issue but I am posting it here regardless. For quite some time now I have been having an issue with by drive continuously scanning Like it is going back-and-forth across the disc looking for something. I don't believe this is a hardware...
  8. Darwin99

    Last Man Standing Seasons 5 and 6 - Unable to Rip

    AnyDVD HD, version 8270 - error message received IFOTitles 1 AnyDVD HD, version 8273 (beta) - error message received IFOTitles 3 Action: rip video disk to hard disk I did try setting AnyDVD HD to defaults, still received the same error message. When trying to rip video disk to hard disk...
  9. B

    AnyDVD HD interfering with TMT startup

    10+ years registered AnyDVD HD lifer. Reinstalled Windows 8.1 Pro due to an unrelated Media Center issue and in the process decided to take the opportunity to upgrade from AnyDVD HD to the currently offered version. After installing TotalMedia Theatre, TMT would not start. I...
  10. P

    AnyDVD Changing Firewall Settings?

    I recently updated to AnyDVD HD During the install, a "netsh" command flashed by that indicated it was changing my firewall settings. Sure enough, according to my security logs there were 2 or 3 changes made to my firewall rules during the time AnyDVD HD was installing. This is...
  11. SLKabaker

    Possible ImgBurn issue with AnyDVD HD

    I am using ImgBurn and the only thing that has changed, AFAIK, is I updated AnyDVD HD from to (had to reboot after running installation). I created an unprotected ISO with AnyDVD HD Image Ripper and ejected the disc. Before putting a blank disc in the drive, I unchecked...
  12. B

    ANYDVD HD slows to a crawl at about 70% finished

    Greetings, My always updated version of ANYDVD HD has recently started to exhibit an exasperating tendency to slow to a crawl at around 70% finished when I am hacking a movie DVD. I don't know why this is happening or what may have caused it to happen. It started about three or four updates...
  13. A

    Failed to rip a new DVD

    It seems weird, but I just bought this new DVD from Amazon, and when I tried to rip it using 3 different drives -2 x BD-RW and 1 DVD-RW- they all failed after like 3%! I used both the builtin ripping tool and imgburn, and failed on both occasions... Is it possible that this DVD is encrypted in...
  14. Eurocoin

    Does 20% discount apply to renewals too?

    Like it says in the title, I'd like to know, if the 20% discount applies to license renewals too?
  15. Roxy

    Can't FF/Rewind Best of Blues Brother DVD

    Although I've set AnyDVD to re-enable prohibited user operations: ... I cannot rewind or fast forward the following DVD (from Blues Brothers Extended Edition):
  16. A

    BluRay Disks Not Recognized: Disk Not Ready -SOLVED-

    For the past Year I've had issues ripping Blu-ray disks. AnyDVD HD wouldn't see any disk that was in my Blu-ray D: drive. I searched all the other drive letters just to be sure D: was the right one and it was. I've always had the latest versions of AnyDVD HD and have had this problem for a...
  17. T

    Can't copy blueRay "Das Boot"

    Titel of Disc: "Das Boot" AreaCode: 2 Error Message: There is no Error Message occure Aim: I tried to copy the blueray on disc and afterwords to create an .mp4 file but the media software to convert the track can't locate any track on the copy or on the disc. Best TySnake Attachment: Log - file
  18. O

    Issues with Fantastic Four - The Rise of The Silver Surfer

    Hi everybody, I have currently issues with the above blu-ray region B. Searching through old forum threads, it became clear to me that this release was one of the first one with BD+ protection. Got the latest release of ANYDVD, use it very happily to rip every blu-ray I buy. I store them on my...
  19. Roxy

    Batch processing

    I have quite a number of Blu-ray/DVD ISOs, created with AnyDVD. Unfortunately, they cannot be transmitted via DLNA, so I need to convert them to a format that can be sent via DLNA. But it would be a tremendous amount of work to convert them each separately. So I'd like to be able to create a...
  20. B

    Slysoft Lifetime License Will Not Work for RedFox AnyDVD HD After v7.6.9.5

    I just ran into the issue where my lifetime license will not work for newer versions of AnyDVD HD, specifically versions beyond I understand that Slysoft is not the same company as RedFox, and I do understand that this spin up company who has kept the same great product going has not...