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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by de2000, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. de2000

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    Hello, I am new to CloneBD. I just purchased it, but I have a question. If it is already asked, I apologize and please point me to the right place to look up.

    I used to use DVDFab to create MKV file backup of my Blueray discs. It created files, when played back on the MPC-HC player, is without the top and bottom black bars (for aspect ratio that is not exactly 16:9, those extra wide style movies). However, I noticed that when using CloneBD, the file from the same disc seems to have the top and bottom black bar, fitting exactly a 16:9 overall box.

    What is the difference? Am I losing any image quality with CloneBD?

    Thank you very much for your explanation and help.
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    That is technically a complicated thing and depends on the AR used by the movie and if it's anamorphic or not. If not, then even if you get an output without black bars, if the resulting file then doesn't have EXACT same AR as the display device then the device ITSELF will add the black bars back virtually to fill up the screen

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  3. de2000

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    Thanks for your reply. So does that mean CloneBD is not making a anamorphic file? Is that not as good?

    Please forgive my ignorance on this subject.
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    CloneBD (and dvdfab top I think, don't know for sure, I don't use it) retains the original AR. IT CAN rescale for example from 1080p to 720p but that only changes the resolution, the AR is still the same

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  5. de2000

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    Ok, so you are saying that the way CloneBD and DVDFab make MKV/MP4 files are the same as far as resolution and AR is concerned when played back on a 1080 screen, correct?

  6. Ch3vr0n

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    Different products work differently. You're trying to compare apples with oranges. They should be the same yes at the moment they're being watched on the display device. The files themselves can exhibit differences. I don't know for sure, I don't use anything Fab has.

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  7. de2000

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    Yes I understand that different products work differently. After your comment, I realized that yes the displayed image resolution is the same at the time that the files are being played, but since DVDFab doesn't include the black bars, the file may be smaller since those extra pixels aren't included in each frame.

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  8. Pete

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    Actually, no, not really. We did a lot of experiments a few years ago with CloneDVD mobile, that has the option to remove the black bars.
    The resulting size is nearly exactly the same (same quality settings), whether or not you include the black bars.
    Those perfectly black areas are crunched down to virtually nothing at all by the codec.
  9. de2000

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    Thank you for clarifying. I was trying to reason out loud to myself the difference between the files. It's good that the size difference is very minor, but I think my understanding of the difference is now clear.

    I watched the file made by CloneBD on my LG OLED, and it's looking really good.

    Thanks for your responses to help me to understand this subject.

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