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May 28, 2022

I've read some news articles that said all content from Discovery+ was going over to Max and a few that stated the best or most was.

I have subscribed to Discovery+ as a channel on Amazon & with my interests have enjoyed the content.

I called Amazon Prime video, a few times, and spoke to a few different representatives that either were unaware, could not answer or gave the wrong answer on Discovery content differences between Max vs Discovery+ as a channel.

I didn't try to reach out to Max/HBOMax for clarification right now, because I'm sure their swamped.

I do know that there are about five channels listed under Discovery+ that are not under Max, such as Own, Planet Earth, Animal Planet, SCI & A&E.

Taking in mind that Max is probably still moving some content over and that Amazon Prime's search features/listings are not the best, I decided to figure it out on my own in order to ascertain the keeping of Discovery+ as a channel.

1. Looked at the programs I have in my watchlist, right clicked, opened in new window and saw if they were listed as Max subscription or Discovery+
2. Under Prime Video put in "Documentaries" and limited it to "Discovery+" channel on the left. Only went thru about 14 pages of 114 pages that this limited search resulted in and right-clicked and determined if they said "Max" or "Discovery+".
3. Logged into Max standalone channel to see if most of them were also not there and differences in seasons.
4. Looked many of these up on "Just Watch" to see seasons streaming/where for verification, but again, "Just Watch" may not/is probably not current with Discovery things being updated in it's summations of Discovery+/Amazon Channel & Max (still have HBO Max logo right now).

It does seem that Discovery+ does indeed have a lot of TV show documentaries that I might want to watch - especially from earlier years that Max doesn't & a few A&E shows like Ancient Aliens & Paranormal State that I have full seasons of that were must haves for me.

Others that use Discovery+ have mentioned that they are getting rid of it as a subscription since content is being moved over to Max and I wanted to get a better answer due to conflicting news reports and Amazon Prime video support being no help at all when called.

I'll probably check my results later down the road, but I'm tempted to just keep Discovery+ as a channel on Amazon for now due to my likes and watching habits.

I don't have *any* idea if "Standalone" Discovery+ is the same as Discovery+ as a Channel on Amazon, perhaps someone that has standalone subscription of Discovery+ could comment? :giggle:

Hope this is useful.



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Included with MAX....
TLC, HGTV, FOOD, DC, Discovery, Magnolia, TCM, Adult Swim, ID, Cartoon Network, and CNN Originals....it doesn't specify how much or what content is included.
For example, it already carried CN, Magnolia, Adult Swim, and TCM....but no where near the catalog that DiscoveryPlus offered.
They also stated POPULAR content, so most likely selected shows from each.

I'm sure they'll balance it out so if you want everything you are looking for...you'll need both.
A fair amount of Food Network is not on Max I've discovered. It definitely did not all move even though there is a good amount of Food Network stuff that did
A fair amount of Food Network is not on Max I've discovered. It definitely did not all move even though there is a good amount of Food Network stuff that did
That's why they included "Popular Content". They never intended to move everything or even most. That was always a pipedream.
I suspect people that subscribe to Discovery+ will continue sine the price is low enough....plus they backed off of the planned $24.99 Ultimate and dropped it to
Most people that were paying $15.99 won't notice much difference and it will still be $15.99. 99% of the content was 1080p anyway.
I've seen what's 4K now and it's a LOT. For those that want it...$19.99 isn't asking much considering the quality is there.