Man do they SUCK!

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    Okay, so I finally did get a chance to watch Bluray on really high-end equipment a friend of mine owns. Now he is very technically minded, he owns an HD-DVD player, Bluray player, PS3, etc. And he always seems to insist on having the best hardware, upgrading his movie projector, installing a new (widescreen) screen, new more expensive 7.1 speakers, etc. The BD player is Toshiba, anyway while the quality of the movie is certainly very good, the player isn't. He inserted the disc and was met with "Incompatible Region Number". Removed the disc, had a look at it, put it back in, and it began loading. It seemed to take an excessively long time to load the load screen (ie "Loading, Loading, etc etc etc - and then once it's finally "loaded" it's loaded the disc's loading screen!) All in all I was very unimpressed with the length of time one has to wait just for the disc's loading screen to appear! And the fact that it wouldn't even read the disc at all the first time! I'd say all in all from the time of turning the BD player on it took 5 minutes to load to the disc menu (including it not reading the disc)... maybe longer. Brand-new high, best technology? You decide!

    BTW: The player was brand new, he had only watched one other movie with it prior to that occasion!
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    I may be wrong but Toshiba does not make a Bluray Player, they are exclusively a part of the HD-DVD Alliance. :confused:
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    he was probably watching an upconverted dvd, i have people insist to me that there hd dvd upconversion player will play the hd disks because it says hd on the box and it does 1080:rolleyes: and when you say blu ray they go i can play that also:eek::eek: most people still have no idea what HDM is
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    i dont think so, if the player was not a real BD player, it would not have shown any menu or anything, it wouldnt be able to read the disc at all.
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    If you think the player was Toshiba, there's a good chance he has an old sk00l HD-A2; they were/are slow as balls.

    It'd make sense for him to be using an HD-A2, seeing as how you also said he had a PS3. Most people with PS3s don't, ya know, go and buy another BR player. That's what most people would call "Not intelligent".

    So I'd say three options arise:

    1) You were actually watching an HD-DVD, using a Toshiba HD-A2. This is supported by the "Toshiba" fact, and the fact he owns a PS3.

    2) You made the story up to badmouth Sony/HDM in general, and got brand names confused. It happens to the best of us. The rambling style of story telling kind of hints at this, though. More details would point to a true story, IMHO.

    3) The story is 100% true, but you mistook "Samsung" or "Sony" or "Panasonic" for "Toshiba", and the friend in question actually purchased a second BR player, even with a PS3.

    And, FWIW, all of the BRAND NEW BR/HD-DVD players have gotten past the incredibly awkward, stupidly slow load times. Unless he bought a BRAND NEW HD-A2 during the 99$ fire sale.
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    couldnt have been a hd-dvd player as it isnt region coded, so that had to be a BD player he was looking at. but it sure wasnt a toshiba either...

    the load times have increased since BD+ was added aswell as PiP ...

    hd-dvd players have been slower than BR players as they came with everything turned on such as PiP / iHD etc.. BR started off with less options so they were quicker to load. now as things are added to them you are seeing BR players getting slower at load times too...

    the A1 was much slower than the A2 so i dont know about this "old skool" thing... the A3 is only a little faster than the A2 as its a SoC. even the A1 doesnt take 5 mins to load tho...
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    I guess being a AV guy im comming at this from a different angel But what kind of Proj does he have and its res I go in alot of houses and people think do to haveing a projector they have the best but the true 1080p projectors are just now really comming out there have been a few over the last year or so but they are just now getting down to a lower price and some of the very cheap ones still have a bad picture do to the brightness of the lamp

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    You don't need to insult me, I don't make stuff up. If it wasn't toshiba it was something else but AFAIK it wasn't samsung, sony or panasonic. It *may* have been samsung, but I don't remember. And as I said the first time he inserted the disc it refused to read it and displayed "incompatible region number" - thus ruling out the possibility of it being HD-DVD, and finally I think I can tell the difference between HD and SD on a 3-meter wide screen.
    He has two LD players, the rational being that one plays NTSC and PAL, and the other only plays PAL but can read both sides. Don't ask me the rational for BD - it's possible the PS3 was donated, but I didn't ask. The fact that he owns both HD-DVD and BD means I think I may have mistaken Toshiba because it's his HD-DVD player, that's all.

    RE loudnlo1: He's on his 3rd projector. The last time I was around he had his old 4:3 screen and his 2nd projector, he then installed a 16x9 screen - is still really setting up his 7.1 speakers, and the projector is 2-3 months old MAX (and without a doubt true 1080p). I don't know that it's the best projector on the planet, I know though that the players are the best he could buy (I'm assuming he bought them, that is - they may have been donated like the $6000 speakers). He complains that the HD-DVD player only outputs 5.1PCM and not 7.1. With that said who knows when he bought it, the BD player however was brand new.
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    hmmm...i have both ps3 and hddvd and it surely wasn't the ps3 (BR), it had to be one of the earlier gen hddvds like the one I have (XA1). It is a really nice looking unit, but a total POS, waste of $300...wish Toshiba would offer a trade up policy, might convert me back...

    although the load time is only a minute or so, it seems like an eternity compared to any other device including a lowly vcr...and yeah, after that wait, you get HDMI issues, lockups, stuttering, it's wonderful...
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    Just call your friend and ask him.