Long time Anydvd HD user that is let down

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by slamscaper, Dec 4, 2017.

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    Okay so I haven't posted in here in ages. Never posted much at that. But I have to say first and foremost that I really loved Anydvd and Slysoft. The software has a very low footprint, works on the fly, and is updated frequently to deal with the latest copy protections that stop us from our legal right to make a copy of our discs.

    There is no doubt that Anydvd has always worked best compared to the competition. After that, Anydvd HD came along and offered the first and best solution to decrypt Blu-Ray discs and it virtually worked EVERY time as long as I updated to the latest version. I had a lifetime license for Anydvd and I was able to get the discount for Anydvd HD when I upgraded, so the price was very reasonable.

    Here's where I get upset. I understand that Slysoft was shut down and is no more. So yes, technically you can say that my lifetime license did work for the lifetime of "Slysoft." But not for the actual product! Because it's still the same product, just made by a company with a different name (whom are the same employees as well).

    I honestly could accept all this and just pay for Anydvd HD all over again (my license was too old to get any discount, which I thought was terrible). I mean it's incredible software. But what I don't understand is why the price SKYROCKETED. It costs a whopping $130 USD now for Anydvd HD with a lifetime license. It used to cost $30, then when they changed to the Euro it came out to about $42 or so. I just don't understand this huge price increase, considering this is not a complex program suite. It's simply still a utility with that same small footprint it always had.

    I know this post is going to come off as simply whining. But I honestly think Anydvd's price is way too high. Even for a 1-year license. The competition (multiple vendors) does have software that does the same thing and works better than ever, even though it's still not quite as good as Anydvd HD. None of them are charging anywhere near what Redsoft is for Anydvd HD. I really hope to see a price drop sometime, but I doubt that is going to happen.

    All that said, thank you for providing excellent software for me up until this point. I simply cannot pay the asking price as is, so unless it gets reduced I'll never be using Anydvd again. It's been on my PC since it launched so that's a big change for me.
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    euhm 30$ was like 10 years ago. Inflation ring a bell? You're not paying the same for gas now as you did 10 years ago did you :). That said, prices now are still cheaper than the ones slysoft had after the switch to euro's years ago. Think its 10-20EUR cheaper than they had.
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    No, my gas prices are cheaper than 10 years ago here in Canada, but beer costs more...
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    Ch3vr0n is correct, The prices on everything are way higher . When you think about it the excellence of the product makes it worth every penny.
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    Inflation based on which country Ch3vr0n? o_O Glad we haven't had an inflation rate of 433% over the past decade... ouch! After factoring in inflation over the past decade, based on the US, $30 comes out to approximately $35.
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    Just to clear it up, the full Slysoft AnyDVD HD lifetime for new users was never $30.00 - The $30.00 price was when it was an "add on" where you had to buy the $50 standard version first (if you didn't already have it) - so really the HD was $80.00 if you were a new user, then 80 Euro when they switched currency.
    From 2009ish the HD lifetime price went up to 109 Euro, then 119.00 Euro a few years later which it pretty much stayed at until Slysoft's unfortunate demise.
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    $130 for a lifetime license. Big whoop. I'd gladly pay that every year to continue to be able to rip my discs.
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    I can confirm ddmagic's post that the final Slysoft price for a NEW (not upgrade) AnyDVD-HD license was $119 Euro at the time Slysoft went away.
    With that in mind, the price for a new Redfox license is not unreasonable. Also - when Redfox first launched a few months after Slysoft went away, and years ago now, there was a steep across the board discount. I'm sorry you missed that.
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    I can confirm that, too.

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    The old AnyDVD-HD still works fine and the Clone DVD works as well.
    Not much reason to upgrade into RedFox.
  12. Ch3vr0n

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    Not much reason indeed if you don't want to backup new releases. And CloneDVD never was affected as that's not developed by SlySoft but elaborate bytes and they didn't get shut down. That has been said from the start.

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    I just looked - the gas prices in Toronto (only Canadian city I bothered looking at) go up and down quite a bit. I wonder what caused the massive dips?

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    We had no money left after buying all the beer, they had to lower the prices
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    HAHAHA!!! This literally made me guffah! :D