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    using anydvb and clonedvd latest versions far as I know. im getting a vob read error just after it starts.

    I put a check in this runtime only 64 2:04:49 not the top one 67 2:08:10 that anydvd picks out and copied for me.

    anydvd work great!
    Thanks James.

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    Yes Long Shot does like Hellboy last week. It shows 53% when you choose to rip the whole disc at dual layer.

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  3. using anydvd latest version. I'm getting copy failure after 24%... Any fix out there?
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  5. James

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    Please try AnyDVD
    Please let me know, if it works now. Thank you.
  6. kzajac

    kzajac Well-Known Member works. Thank you.