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    Tried to update my firmware for my lite-on drive, but the update I found won't install because it says it for SOHW-1633S only and I have a SOHW-1633S BGS4.

    Haven't been able to find any updated firmware for the BGS4, am hoping some of you may know where to find an update.

  2. MarkRacer

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    BGS4 is not standard Liteon firmware. This could be an issue of cross flashing. However, visit this linK:

    The current version is BSOY. If this does not work, try an earlier version and then move forward. Good luck...

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    What brand of computer is the drive in (HP, Dell, etc.)? Your BGS4 may be the firmware supplied by the computer manufacturer. If the computer is still under warranty, you'll need to check with them for a firmware upgrade. If you use a LiteOn firmware, you will void the warranty, even though it's a LiteOn burner. This is one of the reasons I buy custom built computers, instead of the big named ones. They are way too proprietary! If the computer is no longer under warranty, go for the LiteOn firmware.

    I use the same drive, and upgraded to the BSOY firmware, back at Christmas, and it is doing just fine............... :)
    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the replies..

    It's a gateway computer and no longer under warranty. I tried the last two firmware updates, BSOY & BSOS with no luck. Won't let me install. Even tried looking for the update before BSOS....BSOR but couldn't find it, all the links I found were no longer valid.

    Will most likely shop around for a new that won't be so difficult to update.

    appreciate the help.
  5. jvc

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    You can get BSOY here:
    about half way down the page, look for this

    LiteOn SOHW-1633S (Looking for 1213S@1633S or 1613S@1633S?)
    • BS01/BS02/BS03/BS06/BS0A - stock (old)
    • BS0C/BS0G/BS0H/BS0K/BS0R/BS0S - stock (old)
    • BS41 - stock (4x +R DL and 12x -R; rebadged 1653S) (old)
    • BS0Y - stock
    • BS0Y - patched - crossflashing, multi-colored LED (for 1213S, 1613S, etc.)
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    The patched version seems to have done the trick....installed fine and fixed some of my burning issues. Thanks for the link and the help jvc.. :)
  7. jvc

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    Glad you got it working better :)