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    I had a lifetime for the original version & that didn't last...
    any guarantee on the new version...working for some time to come
    Any discounts for original members?
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    Ah, this again. There are no guarantees in life, ever, on anything. You could get run over by a car tomorrow or die in your sleep. Nobody knows or can predict the future. Obviously redfox has measures in place to keep things going as long as possible, but there are no guarantees. Discounts? Oh, you're only about a year late. The only discounts now are the same type of 20% ones slysoft had.
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    Ah, one of those....
  4. kycliff

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    Thanks....I guess i'll take a chance..
  5. nebostrangla

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    There's also yearly or multiple year licensing that can be renewed to a LTL at a later time. If you're not comfortable with the LTL option. And honestly that's what RedFox would prefer that you bought too.
    Also from the RedFox main site regarding the other programs:

    Important information for SlySoft license owners!
    SlySoft license keys for AnyDVD (HD) will only work up to version The RedFox OPD (Online Protection Database) for this version will be available until Tuesday, May 31, 2016, afterwards AnyDVD HD may no longer be able to decrypt discs.

    SlySoft licenses of other products are not affected and will continue to work normally.

    If you need licensing for CloneBD or CloneDVD (if you didn't previously have a CloneDVD license) they must be purchased at Elby's Store:

    And they are running a 20% off through today {March 19 2017} as well along with RedFox.
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    Thank you... that was very helpful info
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    No problem that is what we are just hanging out on here for. LOL.
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    I'm going to avoid cars tomorrow...but if I die in my sleep...When I wake up...I'm gonna get
  9. kycliff

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    UPDATE....Everything is running fine here...I'm I'm still kicking....
    Have a great day...That is all..
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    So is Redfox..........