Lethal Weapon 2 "Glitch" [Lethal Weapon Collection]

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    Disc in, AnyDVD active, CloneBD 1:1 Copy:
    "Warning: Read errors detected. Converting this disc may fail or have undesired results"

    1. Despite above message, copy is "successful"
    2. Playing resulting ISO, same issue, Chapter 10
    3. Log file attached [Why compressed? I can't read it with NotePad++ which can usually read almost anything]

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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    As to 3. you don't need to read it, it contains some highly technical info such as debug, transcoder info, it's not just a simple .log or .txt file
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    It's compressed, so it is smaller and also because it's a set of multiple files, so it's an archive.
    If you want to look closer at it, rename it to .zip and unpack (when uploading, please always keep the .cbdlog extension, so our tools can automatically process the files).

    Anyway - read errors are read errors, there's no arguing about that.

    I forgot to mention, that you should recompress (not make a lossless copy), because that way CloneBD will analyse the files more closely.
    A lossless copy like in your case just copies more or less blindly.

    But I don't think you should bother - that disc is simply bad.
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