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    Based on the swath of destruction this disc (and its sequel) has in the forums here, it seems like this title is cursed and Lionsgate keeps breaking it every few months. AnyDVD does not specify the correct title out of 300 available. PowerDVD locks up when playing it straight from the original Blu-ray disc with AnyDVD active.

    Title: John Wick (Blu-ray, US)

    UPC: 0-31398-21104-4

    ASIN: B00OV3VGP0 -

    Purchased July, 2018, from Amazon US.

    Looking through the previous threads on the topic it appears there are numerous versions of this disc and each time a new one pops up it needs to be added to OPD. Hopefully the ziplog is enough - let me know if you need anything else.

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  2. Pete

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    Yes, there are a lot of variants of this one.
    Anyway - this one is fixed now as well.
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  3. Frumpalumpoulus

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    Thanks, that worked.
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    My Blu-ray doesn't show correct playlist AnyDVD Log file is attached

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  5. Pete

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    Thanks, now it should.