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    Not sure if they run any better but as far as I can tell they don't run any worse. The problem I have with some games with running Vista x64 was the copy protection particularly with Tages in Paraworld, had to get a no-cd crack to get it to run. Other than that all my games run just fine. Game Jackal on the other hand does not :( it installs fine, looks like it's running fine, seems to do the profile as it should but when you run it it just... does nothing, sits in the task tray spinning it's little icon away, so yes x64 compatibility if VERY important :agree:
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    Yeaah wonderful idea, my dreams come true if this will happen. By the way, actually there is no product which is called CloneJackal...:)
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    Sweet, i'll hold you to that. :D
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    Been busy working (fighting?) with Vista versions lately. I really needed a break so went to load a profile on Game Jackal, only to find that my favorite piece of software... is no more.

    Took me all of 10 mins to find this forum (well, a bit longer to read through various posts and get an understanding of what is going on).

    Can't wait to see what SlySoft does with this (already) remarkable software. In the mean time I'll have to dig out my CD's again, yuck. :)
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    I just registered to tell you folks at SlySoft that I am very excited that you people are going to carry on Game Jackal. I have been avidly using GJ for almost a year now. I am really looking forward to the x64 Vista support, and Im glad that the Game Jackal legacy is going to be carried on. I would not mind paying full resale price for Game Jackal again, if I can get the support like before.

    Once again, Thanks for continuing the Game Jackal legacy! :clap:
  6. RedFox 1

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    Welcome to the forum, stay tuned as I am sure you will happy very soon:agree:
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    This is even more important when children are playing the games. Cd's and dvd's are far to fragile for a kid to use without damaging them.
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    i keep clicking refresh to see if gamejackal is listed. Been doing this for 6 hrs already.

    ...I should really stop...:eek:
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    I promise as soon as we get some information I will post it immediately. I realize the waiting is hard but think how happy it will make you to see it.:D
  10. Danger

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    and make it Vista Ultimate compatible, trying it out (version on an x86 machine I just got for the kids and GJ either crashes or doesn't work with the game :(, have a couple more games to try but doesn't look good.
  11. Danger

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    update, seems to work with CD's but crashes with DVD's
  12. Danger

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    *sigh* well that sucks
    7 games on DVD, all crash with GJ on Vista Ultimate x86 (6 are securom protected and 1 Tages, didn't expect the Tages one to work)

    3 CD-ROM games, 1 Securom, other not sure but both crash, 1 Securom Star Wars Empire at War - Forces of Corruption does NOT crash and plays fine so far

    ALL above games, except the Tages protected one, work using images made by BW6 and mounted with Daemon Tools 4.08 using Y.A.S.U. 1.07 to hide the VD's

    List of games that crashed EVERYTIME:
    Star Wars - Best of PC:
    - Empire at War
    - Knights of the Old Republic
    - Battlefront
    - Jedi Knights II - Jedi Outcast
    - Republic Commando
    Titan Quest
    ParaWorld (Tages protected and didn't expect it to work)

    Age of Empires III
    Star Wars - Battlefront II

    Only game that has worked/not crashed so far:
    Star Wars - Empire at War - Forces of Corruption

    I have about 6 more games to try, all on CD but am not holding out too much hope. Posted this so that Slysoft sees that work definately needs to be done to this potentially great program to get it working with Vista x86 & x64 versions.

    wait for it... here it comes...

    "Please wait for the official press release" :doh: but seriously just how much longer DO we have to wait?
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    Hello All!

    I just signed up here because I heard that GameJackal is going to find a new home at Slysoft. This is really AWESOME! :clap:

    I love Game Jackal and even though I purchased a lifetime license before, I'd purchase another one from SlySoft just as a thank you for keeping my favorite gaming app alive!!! (I would appreciate a discount though. ;))

    I also think that because SlySoft is 'strategically located' they will be able to keep the promise of a lifetime support license more easily than a company located in a more repressed country.:)

    Go SlySoft! Also, please just accept all the comments of "When is the press release coming?" as enthusiasm for what you are about to do. I imagine we're all a bunch of fanatics!

    I was able to get the DVD version of Titan Quest working with Game Jackal by using the image option. I posted about it over on the GJ forums so if you do a search you will probably find it.
  14. DetroitBaseball

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    Do you own any of Slysoft's products?
  15. RedFox 1

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    They are looking for Game Jackel, whether they own any Slysoft products is not at question here.:disagree:
  16. DetroitBaseball

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    I know, but I was just curious.
  17. RedFox 1

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    Dear Detroit Baseball: Have you ever really read the rules here;
  18. DetroitBaseball

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    A few times. And I didn't violate any rule by posting that. It wasn't a non-sense post since it is of Slysoft.
  19. InTheFlow

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    Actually, no, I do not. However, if and when GJ is released I will. 8)

    From what I've seen, SlySoft has a good rep around the net. A friend of mine has a copy of AnyDVD and has been very pleased with how up to date they keep the program.

    All of that combined with their location leads me to the conclusion that SlySoft will most likely be a great new home for Game Jackal. Time, of course, will tell. But I'm confident in my prediction so far.
  20. Game Jackal

    :clap: First off let me say that Slysoft is the best. Best software and best support.

    If Slysoft does make GJ available I will definately purchase it. If Slysoft has anything to do with it, its got to be Great.

    Keeping fingers crossed and waiting. Hard to controll a joystick this way though.:)