Info before March? (please say yes)

Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by jabbilabbi, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. jabbilabbi

    jabbilabbi Member

    I know you mods have been saying "info coming soon" for the past two weeks or so. I really need to know if we can expect the product before March?

    And are you promising 'info' or a working product?

    Maplom kinda left us with a not so working (at least for Microsoft's latest OS) product.:(

    To quote SlySoft team member Tom "An official press release will be published within the next few days, so please be patient..."

    What exactly does a few days mean?
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  2. nwasend

    nwasend Active Member

    I'm refreshing the homepage constantly in hope that jamejackal is listed.

    ..been doing this for 5 days already...

    It's long past due for an announcement but slyfox1 said if he gets anything it will be posted ASAP
  3. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    The I suggest you stop before you wearout your keyboard. The company will list this news as soon as things are settled. I know no more than you do. But as I have told you before I will post as soon as I know something, this is my promise.:doh:
  4. jdm3

    jdm3 Member

    But the waiting!

    But the waiting stinks! Lots of us bought the program from the old guys. We are understandably currious about what your company is going to do. Lots of us have games that need updates to GameJackal to work not to mention that program (V) irus (I) nfested (S) pyware (T) rojans and (A) dware.

  5. FiGgS

    FiGgS Member

    I run VISTA Home Premium with no issues all my programs and games work the only issue i have with it is the continuous hard drive activity that goes on in the background at times thats annoying when u want to use the system as its very resource hungry. Damn system processes!!
    And the fact that GJ needs some real work done on the new platform for sure hope Slysoft come along soon with a press release saying "GJ IS HERE"
    Using my discs to run my games is extremely annoying and frustrating escpecially when i attend a lan and have to take my discs along with me as extra baggage :(
  6. FiGgS

    FiGgS Member

    At last my support ticket was answered and am now happily running the latest retail version.
    I hope Slysoft get a hold on the new releases soon many of us here are itching for it real bad as i can see from this forum.
  7. Anakha56

    Anakha56 Well-Known Member

    It appears that a few days is more than 3 :confused:

    I mean come on people, you ask us to be patient and we have been can we please have an update already? We arent askling alot are we? After all we did pay for the product already? :confused:

    Oh well it just means visiting the forum everyday, maybe they arent announcing it yet because they havent had a big enough hit count on the forum?
  8. InTheFlow

    InTheFlow Well-Known Member

    I feel your pain but there probably is no update yet due to the fact that they haven't worked everything out...but some kind of update would certainly be appreciated. Even if a dev were to just say..."Hey Guys, we're still working on it." would be welcome. :agree:
  9. Anakha56

    Anakha56 Well-Known Member

    that would be very welcome indeed. :agree:

    so how about? I am pretty sure that there is a forum mod over here that has a channel open to one of the dev's and i am sure he could just point out to that dev that the few days have passed...

    /me goes back to watching the paint dry at least that updates itself every now and then...:rolleyes: