Independence Day Resurgence always Not Enough Space on Disc Error

Discussion in 'Issues and Bugs' started by MCalca1706, Nov 25, 2016.

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    Just in case it doesn't work then.
  2. MCalca1706

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    My original post about Independence Day Resurgence (not enough space on destination disk, 25GB) started this thread.
    I just tried again and still cannot get a successful burn or the option for a log file. This time I did get an error and a dump file which I am including here. Hope this helps someone (I am giving up on this title).

    Season's Greetings to All

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  3. Pete

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    Please always use the latest version (including betas) of CloneBD, when you have trouble. We're 3 versions past already:

    Otherwise we may be chasing bugs, that are gone already.
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  4. MCalca1706

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    I usually always check this but I was so rushed lately (the holidays are killing me). If I find the time to try again I will verify that I have the latest versions of both.

    Could you tell me how to view sub titles from Clone BD created MKV files on Smart TV's?

    Thank you
  5. Ch3vr0n

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    no we can't. You'll have to check your manual. MKV is just a container and you'll need to check for yourself if your TV supports image based blu-ray subtitles (PGS) or only text based subtitles (SRT). Then you'll probably just need to use the subtitle button on your remote unless you set the subtitle track to active at default.
  6. MCalca1706

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    Thank You, this information is helpful. I will email LG and Samsung about their Smart TV's using this information.

    Season's Greetings To All
  7. Ch3vr0n

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    e-mail? That information should be listed somewhere in the manual of your TV. Stuff like codec support is usually at the back of the language section for your device.
  8. MCalca1706

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    Thank you again for the very helpful information.

    Have a Good One