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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by mac007, Mar 14, 2007.

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    I thought I did everything correct for backing up a movie with any dvd running in the backround. I used clone 2 and I am getting this message:
    c:program files\elaborite bites\clonedvd2\eraser\pal\video_ts\vts_01_0.ifo
    unable to open file
    the system cannot find the file specified: If I am selecting dvd files for the output, where am I selecting to send them to?
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  3. mac007

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    Webslinger, thank you

    I do not know where the eraser directory is located. I just know, initially, I had no problem backing up a movie.
    {If I have any dvd running in the backround} If I am able to put a blank disc in one drive and a movie in the other drive, I select clone dvd. Select my reader drive. Select where to output{other drive} and select go. That worked before. I have never actually seen the bar at the bottom doing anything, but it worked. After reading more in the forum, I will have to be more careful per the eraser directory.
    Thank You, I will try again
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    Just reinstall CloneDVD2. This will fix it.