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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Mir001, Jun 22, 2022 at 11:52 AM.

  1. Mir001

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    (This article was written using a machine translator.)

    An error occurs when attempting to download files from Hulu.
    Could you check my log and let me know the solution?

    (I can watch this video at Hulu website, but cannot download it with Anystream)

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  2. DQ

    DQ Well-Known Member

    Can you tell us what error you are getting and what the title is so we can possibly try it as well?

    A dev will check your log I am sure.
  3. pronounspal

    pronounspal Member

    Same here. For me, it happened when I tried to download Holey Moley S04E08, which just dropped this morning.

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  4. Mir001

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    The title is "Fearless Chef", and...
    I could download Every files before 4 hours, but now, I cannot download EVERY videos.
    I've got just 31 srt files without videos(and lost 31 tokens)...
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  5. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    I am very sorry this happened to you but it takes time to break DRM especially when they change it on the same series, or new movies, I cannot tell you how long this will take, but I will ask you to please be patient, we are working very hard to get all the episodes and movies to you but that just is not possible at this time. The providers are changing the DRM at different intervals and all programs of this type are having the same issues. Our developers are working as hard as they can for you, but again it takes time. Thank you for your understanding.
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  6. DeepSpace

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    For some reason, AS can detect the video bitrate and so on, but it lasts 0 seconds:
    00:01:44.116 - [Notice] [vendor:hulu] Start download
    00:01:44.117 - [Notice] [playlist:hulu] Playlist information
    00:01:44.117 - [Notice] [playlist:hulu]     Series: The Fearless Chef, season: 1, episode: 1, episode title: Bolivia
    00:01:44.117 - [Notice] [playlist:hulu]         video: duration 00:00:00.000
    00:01:44.117 - [Notice] [playlist:hulu]             1280x720, codec "avc1.64001F", framerate: 29.970030, bitrate: 4546851
    00:01:44.117 - [Notice] [playlist:hulu]         audio: duration 00:00:00.000
    00:01:44.117 - [Notice] [playlist:hulu]             en / , codec "mp4a.40.5", stereo, samplerate 48000, bitrate 77812
    Also, it cannot start to download it:
    00:01:46.627 - [Error] Error retrieving license: 400 / HTTP error 400
    00:01:46.628 - [Debug] [License] reserve -1 before: 1
    00:01:46.628 - [Error] [vendor:hulu] License request generation has failed producing an empty request (400, HTTP error 400)
    00:01:48.208 - [Notice] [Mux:hulu] Download process was aborted.
    00:01:48.231 - [Notice] [Mux:hulu] The file is not valid.
    So there are some strange things going on. Either you have something in your network (try again at a later point if anything has changed) or they changed their DRM, as already mentioned. If that is the case, you have to wait until the devs fixed it.
  7. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    May be a DRM change.

    I'm trying to download the latest episode of Orville which dropped today, Episode 4, but getting some kind of initialization error when the download tries to start.

    Yes, I can play the episode on the Hulu website just fine.

    Attaching log file, hope it can shed some light....

    EDIT: This is a new issue because I have downloaded the previous episodes as they released over the last few weeks.

    IOW, it's not a subscription level issue.


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  8. DQ

    DQ Well-Known Member

    I cannot snag that episode either and I had gotten the others.
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  9. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    I don't have hulu in my region, just my 2 cents it's available on D+ over here but i could grab it there just fine. So just about has to be a hulu issue.
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  10. Heracles

    Heracles Member

    Same here with Hulu - The Orville S3E04

    Plays fine in Chrome, Firefox and on SmartTv's.

    Attached images of process and logfile.

    I'm pretty sure it's a Hulu change (not your system) and probably DRM.


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  11. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    Thank you I will pass this on to the developers, we have much work to do, as the DRM is changing all the time, especially with new shows. We apologize for any inconvenience .;)
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  12. DQ

    DQ Well-Known Member

    OMG I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo inconvenienced! You better be sorry! :p
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  13. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Ok, so it's not just me...

    I think Hulu (and perhaps other providers) may be changing DRM's more frequently in an effort to thwart apps like AS.

    Maybe. :=(

    Watching the newest Orville Season 3 episode is such a ritual here on Thursdays now that I'll probably download the Hulu app today and just play it on the Smart TV.

    Who knows, may even like it better since it'll probably be in 1080p.

    Then when AS defeats this new set of DRM's, will download the episode to keep with the others for "posterity". LOL

    Thank you Redfox 1.

    It's certainly not your fault.

    As they say, don't hate the player, hate the game. ;)

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  14. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    Our developers are up to the task, believe me, this is not our first circus, we have been around the block a few times. I cant give a timeline but failure is not an option.:cool:
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  15. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    I have no doubt of that!

    The developers seem to be able to handle whatever is throw at them and come out on top! (y)


    Never crossed my mind.

    I know it's a "when" they will defeat it, not an "if". :D

    Thanks again.

  16. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Did just that and the improved picture was nice.

    The ad interruptions.... not so much! :LOL:

    I had actually forgotten I have an ad-level Hulu subscription thanks to AS -- was shocked when the first ad came on - LOL!

    Looking forward to things getting back to normal and getting my AS Orville Thursday downloads in the near future <fingers crossed>. :p

    Good luck, developers.

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