How to tell if clonebd is using my 1408 cuda cores when doing jobs?

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Wizard34, Sep 10, 2020.

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    I just upgraded my graphics card to a evga 1660 to get faster converting. I have clonebd set to use cuda for decoding and encoding. I noticed it took 17mins 2hr movie just converted the audio to ac3 640 bittrate. Does clonebd use all cuda cores when do any converting? Does the window tell me when clonebd is doing its job? i don't really look at the window i usually start job and walk away.
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    Reto from Elby said that CloneBD can only use one NVENC stream. Not sure about your other questions. CloneBD is showing the estimated time for the conversion.
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    That's a misconception there.
    CloneBD does use CUDA, but only for picture conversion (scaling, alpha blending, ....).
    NVENC is used for compression - that's an entirely different part of the nVidia chip and is not related to CUDA and its cores.

    Regarding the conversion: usually the cores scale automatically, because cuda programming is (properly) done in a way that doesn't make any guesses on how many cores will be used, the jobs are simply divided into thousands of bits and the nVidia driver does the scheduling.
    But in this case: picture conversion is such a minor task, it makes no big difference anyway.

    Since you're mentioning audio: that's not done with CUDA at all. Audio conversion is not really computationally costly, arguably streaming the data into and out of the GPU would take longer than the resulting computational speedup
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