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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by WakkoWarner, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. WakkoWarner

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    I recently purchased the movie Carriers on blu-ray. I had to get a region B version, because it was not released on blu-ray in region A. The rip with AnyDVD HD went without a hitch. The problem is that my region free duplicate will only begin to load on my blu-ray player (it shows one initial screen), but it won't go any further. My blu-ray player supports PAL-NTSC conversion.

    I use a Mac for my burning, using Toast 17 Pro (I also have Toast 10 Pro). The disc burn also went without a hitch. Is there something I need to try to get this to work?? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. mmdavis

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    PAL/NTSC is for DVD. When you went to rip the Bluray, did you tell AnyDVD that it was a Region B disc? Remember for Bluray, you need to tell AnyDVD the region of the disc, not the region you are in.
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  3. WakkoWarner

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    I just put the disc back into my computer (running Windows 7 via Parallels). It automatically detected that it was Region B. I just did this with another Region B disc not too long ago and that one played perfectly.
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    Automatic region detection isn't always possible not easy to do. That is embedded in the disc's Java code and the place varies per disc. Anydvd isn't always successful, that's why it's very important to always specify the region of the disc manually if automatic detection doesn't work.

    The copy doesn't load right now, likely because the region coding hasn't been properly removed.

    I'd start by posting an anydvd logfile of original (and backup)

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  5. Pete

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    That doesn't sound like a region code problem at all.
    Can you please post an AnyDVD log file of that disc made with all the settings you had used when creating that copy?
  6. WakkoWarner

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    I never created a log file. If it creates them automatically, I do not know where they are stored.
  7. Ch3vr0n

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  8. WakkoWarner

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    I just created a log file using the original settings (I have always used the default settings).

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  9. Pete

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    Ok, nothing really unusual.
    But this disc does have a lot of "PAL" content (meaning: 720x576 interlaced MPEG2 at 25 fps) probably taken from the DVD content.
    Maybe your player does have some problem with it.

    Try using AnyDVD's Speedmenu.
    The main Movie (VC-1, 1080p) should play fine with that.
    Then try some of the PAL bonus features. They might be the problem.
  10. WakkoWarner

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    I think it may have been an undetected issue with the burn. I burned another one from a fresh rip and it played fine - even the special features worked. Thanks for your input.