Grafikcard that can handle 3D isos and 4k with all HDR profiles

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  1. SD_J-I_88

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    Hi, which GPU is the cheapest to play 3D issuers' and 4k UHD rips with all profiles, e.g. HDR, HDR+, Dolby Vision etc.?


    I currently own a home media center PC with a windows storage pool that contains all my movies in m2ts or ISO format. I am using VLC for 4k Playback and PowerDVD for 3D ISO playback. With Windows 10 1709 I was able to playback 3D isos with PowerDVD and the Intel i3 with UHD 630 GPU. But after the Windows 10 Update, that migrated my storage pool to a newer version so that I am not able to get access to it with an older Windows version, my Intel GPU does not play 3D isos properly.
    So I bought the cheapest NVIDIA GPU to be able to play 3d Isis. But this GPU does not play 4k.
  2. James

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    DolbyVision won't work on PC Hardware.

    Which one did you buy? AFAIK a GT1030 should be fine for HDR & 3D playback. (HDR playback on a PC is major PITA, but this is another story...)
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    Hi james, all right thx :). I am currenty not owning a 4k & HDR compatible Screen or Beamer but I just want to be on the save side. So you think that PDVD will not playback DolbyVision?

    Anyway thx for the information and your wonderful fox :).
  4. James

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    No. And it will not play anything with an Nvidia card, unless you use CloneBD to convert a disc to .mkv.
    If you want to playback HDR, do yourself a favor and buy a media player. Good ones start at 40$ (chinese Amlogic S912 box, put Libre Elec on it), better ones around 120$ (OSMC Vero 4K+), really good ones with Netflix & Co. support for 200$ (Nvidia Shield), very handy, as your beamer won't have any streaming access on board. If you have a lot of money, you can get an Oppo UDP-203 (if you can find one), jailbreak it, and you have 3D and even Dolby Vision.