Google Chrome warning about AnyDVD for some reason

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by el Filou, Jul 9, 2018.

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    Edit: my PC running AnyDVD crashed with a BSOD saying "MEMORY MANAGEMENT" while I was using Chrome, and when I restarted it Chrome showed this warning.
    Could AnyDVD be conflicting with the browser's security measures?
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  2. Pete

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    I just had to do quite some research to get behind this.
    It's nothing to worry, Chrome is not really unhappy with AnyDVD in specific, it just lists all applications that are in any way "in contact" with Chrome (besides AnyDVD, some anti-virus programs also get a beating) after it detected a previous unexpected exit.

    AnyDVD loads a DLL into nearly all processes - that DLL merely aids certain applications (like MyMovies, etc.) in identifying DVDs, even though they are decrypted.
    Chrome notes that and suspects, that maybe AnyDVD was the cause of your crash (btw: the memory management BSOD you experienced, was neither caused by AnyDVD nor by Chrome, if it happens again, you might have a hardware problem).

    I just confirmed this by killing Chrome through the task manager, then restarted it and it gave me the same message.

    In your case, the message really is totally irrelevant, because neither did Chrome actually crash (your whole PC did, chrome just happened to get taken down along with it) nor was AnyDVD the culprit.

    Here you can read about the relevant changes in Chrome:

    We will try to block our DLL from loading into Chrome, it isn't required there anyway, then this message will vanish.
    Until then: don't worry (except maybe about your BSOD).

    Note: don't scold Chrome for this, it's actually not a stupid move - browsers are among the most sensitive applications on your PC and require strong shields.
    Third party DLLs loaded into a browser can be malicious and pose a threat.
    Chrome can't know, that AnyDVD is only there to help :)
    But the message could be a little bit more yielding and emphasize on the "really only helplessly guessing" nature of it.
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    Or you have or had(!) Arcsoft TMT (any version) installed running Windows 10. This will lead to exactly this BSOD.
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