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Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by scmedic, Jan 20, 2021.

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    I live in the US and have been a longtime user of most of the software developed here. I can't speak highly enough about all the products that I've used/purchased. I have no problems supporting the work that goes into development. I was really disappointed when I wasn't able to purchase a license for AS. I used a MC from Barclays and consistently received the same error message others have been getting while attempting to purchase the license. I thought it may have been an error on my part or maybe something with the bank, but the transaction never made it to the bank. I was about to take someone else's advise and go to Walmart and get an International MC n when I thought I'd try another card. As it turns out I was able to complete the transaction using a CapitolOne MC. I did get a text from the bank asking if in fact I made the purchase, but the transaction went through less than an hour prior to this post.
    I hope someone else may find this information useful.
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    you are confirming that a CapitolOne MC (issued in the US) worked for the purchase ? Just making sure.
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    Sure did. No phone calls to CapitalOne to white list anything or staying on the phone while making the purchase. It just worked!!!
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    Congrats, welcome to the project.
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    I'm also in the the US, and was finally able to complete my purchase using my MC debit card a few hours before you did - but needed a bank employee to remove every fraud code they had and massage the transaction for me. But it did go through!
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    Just purchased AnyStream as a US customer using my Citi Double Cash MasterCard. No issues with the purchase at all.
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