Finally got my head around the AnyDVD Cinavia Solution - I think!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Blofelds Cat, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Blofelds Cat

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    Okay so, ripping an ISO of 'Cinavia-protected' Blu-ray title will result in the addition of an extra folder in the ripped-disc structure named 'ANY!'.

    It is this 'ANY!' folder that contains the necessary files that does the 'magic' when the ISO is played in a software player such as PowerDVD (even if AnyDVD is not actually installed on the host computer).

    Is the above summation correct?
  2. ddjmagic

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    No, nothing is changed regarding Cinavia on any of the folders/files. When running AnyDVD with the "Prevent player software from detecting Cinavia" box checked in the settings, AnyDVD stop's the PC software player such as PowerDVD from detecting Cinavia.

    AnyDVD has to be running on the PC doing the playback to do this.

    The ANY! is just the renamed decypted original AACS folder, it can be deleted if you wanted.
  3. Blofelds Cat

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    I see!

    Only I just ran a test on an HTPC that didn't have AnyDVD installed.

    I played an AnyDVD-made ISO of The Adventures of Tintin (3D version), mounted with Virtual CloneDrive and played through PowerDVD 16, and it played for over an hour (before I stopped playback) without the 'DTS-HD Master Audio' track being muted or the appearance of any other 'Cinavia'-related error messages.

    Given that Tintin is a confirmed 'Cinavia' title, coupled with the absence of AnyDVD, I had expected PowerDVD to react with a playback error of some kind.

    I've done quite a bit of research on the PowerDVD/Cinavia issue and all the info I've read to date says that I should not have been able to play this ISO in PowerDVD v16 without AnyDVD installed.

    This is damnably curious.

    EDIT: just remembered that I played the ISO off an 'external' HDD; seem to recall reading somewhere that PowerDVD might not 'check' for Cinavia in such a scenario...
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  4. ddjmagic

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    Yes it is, PowerDVD did have some scenarios where it doesn't check for Cinavia, I forget exactly what ones though or perhaps the disc doesn't have Cinavia, possibly a different region to the confirmed one maybe. You could try playing the disc in CloneBD preview player for a couple of minutes, it will tell you if Cinavia is present (it's free for this use)

    It definitely isn't something AnyDVD has done though, if the disc had Cinavia, it ISO image still has it.
  5. Blofelds Cat

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    After running the original BD disc through CloneBD, it appears that the Tintin Blu-ray is not Cinavia 'infected' after all, despite the title being listed among the 'confirmed' Cinavia BD titles on a coupla sites.

    Here in Australia, distributors have a tendency not to include helpful icons - such as 'Cinavia Copy Protection - on sleeves; a time-honoured tradition that goes all the way back to the earliest days of VHS, where most distributors didn't think it worthwhile to mention, on sleeves, that a title had been remastered, had a hi-fi stereo soundrack, or was 'Dolby Surround' encoded.

    Thanks, though, ddjmagic for your helpful advice.